Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mahal Kita!

*picture captions were added by me as well as all items in parenthesis 

So Mom!!!
It is so crazy here!!  There has so many different things in this place!  The food here is just completely weird!!  I am so busy all the time that we barely get any time to do anything fun! But I am loving it!  I can't wait to hear a lot more from some people. So far not too many people have emailed me.  I haven't even gotten one from Kimarie! ): ): ): ): ): (Girlfriend)   Make sure everyone knows my email:  I want to hear from as many people as possible!!!

So the trip was such a boring one!  I sat by Elder Gordon, who is from Provo.  He played basketball there on the team.  He like 6' 6" which is so crazy!  And I sat by a Sister Holmes, who Katie Hilton (neighbor) talked to me about.  So it was way cool getting to know them!

My favorite parts of this experience so far has been getting to talk to a lot of different people and learn the language!  The language is so difficult!!  But it is definitely worth it!  We study the language for so long each day!  It just feels so weird talking in a different language and praying in a different one as well.

We already have had our first investigator (someone wanting to learn about the church) while we were here!  The first 2 lessons didn't go to well just because we are only allowed to teach in Tagalog!  So we kinda just stalled out the time while we tried to find what we wanted to say!  But after that we did a lot more studying and then we were able to communicate with her pretty well!  I know that the spirit has helped us do that so much!  It was such a neat experience seeing that what I was trying to say in my mind was coming out in my mouth!  I was able to bear my testimony to her!!!!  It was kinda a simple one but it still worked! I pray every time because my companion doesn't yet know how to say the prayer in Tagalog.  He's still a pretty cool guy.  His name is Elder Gines.   He's pretty cool and a funny guy. He is from Lindon, or near Pleasant Grove I think he said. 

Random Picture, I think of the MTC entrance. The computers were not letting him view the pictures he sent.  He took them last Friday.  He hopes the computer will work next week!
So the experience is going pretty well!  Could you to send more hair stuff?   I haven't been able to do my hair.  It has been completely crazy! And it's driving me nuts!   When we first got here, we all got like an islander haircut kind of like the Mailau's (neighbors from Tonga).  So I felt kinda cool in that sense!

It has been a pretty cool time!  The language is so fun to learn!  But definitely the most difficult of the tasks to do.  The letters must take a while to get here.  I heard that it can take way long to send out. I  sent out a letter, but I don't know when it will get there.

So it was great hearing from you guys! Oh and the weather is great.  The humidity really isn't that bad.  But I imagine that when I get out into the field, where I won't really have any air conditioning, it will be a lot worse!!!

For now my favorite time is gym time because it really lowers my stress!  I have been stressing about everything like none other!  I really want to hear from a lot of people so let everyone know!!! Especially Kimarie! Put that in the blog so she knows also!! (; hahaha

But I miss you guys like crazy and just all the small things that I was able to do!  I love you guys and I will write to you again next week!  Remember that the church is true!! 

2nd Random Picture.  I think this is outside his window. 
Oh and before I go I want to share an experience I had.  On Tuesday, we were able to meet with Elder Anderson from the Quorum of the 12 Apostles!  It was so cool!  We were able to shake his hand and tell him where we are from.  His talk was just so amazing.  I felt like every word of it was directed towards me! 

Neil L. Anderson
He is a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.  This is one of the governing bodies in the church hierarchy.  Members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles are apostles, with the calling to be prophets, seers, and revelators, evangelical ambassadors, and special witnesses of Jesus Christ.

I'll let you guys know more as we continue.  Thanks for writing me!  I miss you guys!!  I love you all!!!!  I'll see you in 2 when I get back!

Love Elder Hedman
MAHAL KITA (love you)!

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  1. The first picture is part of the Manila Philippines Temple. It's the temple gate and the Temple Annex (back of the temple).

    2nd picture is the MTC garden, were missionaries also plays during Gym Time.