Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Giant Spiders

So this last week has been a pretty interesting week!!  Nothing super exciting happened really!  But it was a fun week.  First I'll talk about P day today.  We didn't do anything this morning but I think we are going to the beach later today.  So I will send some pictures of that next week for you because that should be a pretty cool thing.  Sorry not very cool pictures this week!

But I went on exchanges this last week with the zone leader.  His name is Elder Park.  He is so sick! He is from Tooele, Utah and he has been out for 20 months almost 21.  He's close to going home but he likes to joke about all going home and stuff.   hahaha  So that was pretty funny! We got a lot in common, so he's way chill. sana pagkatapos ng misyon ko makikita ko siya.  (Hopefully after my mission I see him.)  That would be pretty cool! 

Oh, I forgot to tell you, like 2 weeks ago.  But in my area, there is the guy from the district!!! (The District is a reality TV show about Mormon Missionary Life, usually shown on PBS) Brother Eric, from that TV show on the byu channel about missionaries.  He lives just like right down the street from us.  He is the elders quorum president here in the branch.  (Elders Quorum is the adult male group of men in a ward.  Any man over 18 belongs to this group.  They met once a week for a lesson. The president is the guy in charge of all the guys!)  His wife and kids are recent converts so we teach him still.  It's so cool.  I got some pictures of that so I'll send you that!  So I'm a famous missionary because I'm teaching someone from the TV show the district!!  haha  That was pretty cool and I thought I'd let you guys know about that!!

Brother Eric

So we are doing a lot of finding in our area because we need a lot of new investigators.  We have found some really good ones and they seem like they have some great potential.  Only 1 investigator came to church yesterday.  So this week we are gonna try and focus on the importance of coming to church!  So that should be pretty good! 

We do a lot of community service projects here.  I forgot to bring my camera but we basically destroyed someones house so we could make a new one.  We demolished the persons house then helped build up their new one!!  That was a pretty neat experience!!

Oh also they have these giant spiders that are like banana spiders.  I think that is what they are called.  I saw one the other day.  Apparently, it was a small one, about the size of my foot! (He wears a size 11 shoe!)  Freaking huge spiders!!  The biggest one that our zone has seen is like apparently about 18 inches wide.  So that's freaking creepy as heck!  But it's the Philippines, so what do ya expect!! hahahaha 

This is not the exact spider, but this is what he saw.  Holy cow!  I think I would cry!
So nothing to exciting happening this last week.  This upcoming week we have an open house for the church, so that should be pretty interesting.  I'll let you guys know more about that!!   Remember that the church is true.  Make sure the gospel is a priority and the Lord will bless you in so many ways!!  Keep working hard and keep up the great effort!! Love you guys!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Elder Pogi or Elder Gwapo

OK, so I don't have like very much time to talk.  Freaking reports suck like nothing else!  Its whatevs though like yo... hahahaha

OK so this last week was a pretty good week! My companion is a cool guy, but he doesn't like speak any English so that sucks.  And he's like brand new also, so he doesn't like know the area at all.  So I just follow to learn the area.  But I'm probably gonna take over and just show what mission work is like.  His trainer seemed kinda lazy which sucks.  But what can ya do, it's missionary work.  So the area here is cool.  We are like 15 minutes from the beach.  We walk along the beach to get to some appointments. So it's pretty cool!!

Elder Gemelo and Elder Hedman.....Mac looks like a giant!

Being a district leader is cool.  I like getting to call the other missionary's.  That's cool.  The missionaries in my district are way awesome.  They're all so old in the mission.  My zone leaders are under my district.  They're so cool.  One is from Tooele and he's way legit.  I'm gonna probably hang with him after the mission and do some stuff.  He's way tight!  So i love the missionaries in this area!

Yesterday we had 4 investigators come to church and I only knew one of them.  So that was interesting.  Oh well, new people to teach so that's cool!!!  So for p day we just did some weird games in the morning and are playing basketball.  We will probably do something like a cool activity next week.  I'll let ya know next week.  Sorry the email is short not much time today!! Maybe I'll write you a personal letter and let ya know more!!  But don't worry about me, I'm doing just great the place is cool!!  I'll send some pictures!  Alright love you guys take care!! 

Elder Hedman (Mas kilala sa tawag ng mga tao na elder pogi or elder gwapo, pero ayos lang yan siyempre kasi totoo yun.)
(Less known people or elder elder handsome handsome, but okay yan yun true because of course.)
Chopped off his hair!

I might buy a sick machete and send it home to you guys but I'm not sure yet!


Monday, April 14, 2014


Black star - mission home.  Blue stars are zone (Baler) and where he lives.  Click to enlarge map.
Okay, so what a crazy last week.  Holy cow!  To start off, yes I got transferred.  I'll touch more and that later!!  But I am now a district leader and that is pretty cool!!  Gotta love more paper work and responsibility, oh well....   

So this last week conference we got to watch (Yoda he is!) and that was so cool!!  I loved every talk so much.  They are all great.  I loved the 4 minute one that was way cool.  And I loved Elder Bednars, that was so amazing also!!  Also this last week, we had interviews with the president!!  That was so awesome.  He asked me about the calling and what I thought.  I told him that I was nervous and he was like "oh good that means you are gonna work hard!!"   And I thought- woah, that's true - I never really thought of it like that!!  He is such a great mission president.  I'm gonna miss him when they go home in July!! 

100's of years ago, a typhoon devastated the area and only 7 families survived.  This is a memorial to the lives lost.

But okay, now time for the good part, so I got transferred.  The area I got transferred to is the area that everyone in the whole mission wants to go to.  They all want to come here to this tropical paradise!!  I got transferred to Baler Zone!! This area is truly so gorgeous.  I see why everyone wants to come here.  I'll send you some of the pictures that i took in a bit.  But wow I have finally seen the ocean and wow is it amazing!!!  It was so cool!!   The only down side is the work is really hard here because no one wants to listen.  But the members seem strong!!  My companion knows little English so this is fun... Tagalog all the time... hard, but its okay.  I know that the Lord is with me through all this!!  Sorry for the short email not much time!!  But I'll send some pictures to ya!! Take care and make good choices!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

District Leader!

Philippines Angeles Mission
"Where Only the Finest Serve!"

April 5, 2014

Dear Elder Hedman:
Congratulations on your call to serve as a District Leader! This represents a significant accomplishment in your progress as a missionary, and we are proud of you and your efforts.

Please study the duties and responsibilities in the missionary handbook pages 55-62 of a District Leader carefully so these duties will become part of your mind and heart, thus enabling you to fulfill this stewardship in the most effective manner.

Your responsibilities as District Leader are substantial. As the Lord entrusts this stewardship to you, I urge you to fully recognize its significance. You will now have the responsibility for the effectiveness and well-being of those missionaries assigned in your district. The most powerful factor in your success will be the light of your example so do all within your power to excel in every aspect of missionary work. Also, be sure you pray to the Lord every day to strengthen and guide you in fulfilling your calling. Remember to love and show love to the missionaries in your district. When they know you love and care for them, they will be able to grow and progress more rapidly and more completely.

This experience can be of great value for your growth and development and will equip you to handle significant responsibilities in your career, your family, and in the Church. Apply yourself and make the most of it! It will provide great blessings in your life and in the lives of others.
May the Lord bless you with continuing success in His work!

David C. Martino

We received the above letter from the mission office this week.  Mac has been called to be a district leader.  We are not sure yet if it is the same area/district he has been in.  This is a great opportunity to serve the other missionaries in his area.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Goodness so many questions mom.  Maybe I won't answer any just cause I'm lazy and don't wanna type a lot... hahaha 

So the week was a good week.  We worked really hard to try and get some good progression and we did!!  We had 6 investigators come to church yesterday, which was completely awesome!!  But I'm probably getting transferred on Wednesday to a new area.  I'm kinda excited to see more of the Philippines, but I love the people here.  And I really want to be here for the progression of them, so it's kinda mixed feelings.  The people here are way nice.  Freakin Americans suck... hahaha Just kiddin!  I miss the grumpiness of America a lot!! haha 
I love the language and its coming along really good.  I can't wait to speak to ya guys on mother's day in Tagalog.  And that's it so you guys won't understand!!  hahaha  Sucks to be you guys.... 

So p day we played basketball in the morning.  They still think I'm so good even though I'm not. Gotta love being the tallest person in the Philippines basically... hahaha   We don't get to see conference until this upcoming week (2xs a year the church gathers for a worldwide conference.  It is broadcast via Satellite and cable through-out the world.)  But I'm probably just gonna download it all and listen to it these next days anyways.  So I have more time to just take notes about stuff!!  I love studying the gospel.  It's like my favorite thing to do.  I know that's weird coming from me because I'm usually so lazy, or in Tagalog "tamad" (word of the day.)  But it's so fun learning more and more about it.  I miss talking with Tanner Burton (neighbor who just got his mission call) about all the stuff during our camp-outs I realized.  And just debating about gospel stuff.  That was something I was thinking about this week!!  

OK, he may be the tallest guy in the Philippines!

Basketball for P-day!
Love my companion.  He's really good with helping me in teaching.  So I'm improving so much in teaching Tagalog!!  Kinda don't want a new companion just cause I've made so much progress this transfer.  So I  hope I don't get transfered and we get another one together!!  But who knows, it's up to our president and the revelation he receives!  I miss ya guys!  But that's okay, I know that I'll see ya again and this is a great experience to have.  So I  don't know if I ever told ya, but we get released like 18 days early.  So I get released the 7th of October 2015.  So I  have 18 months as of today!  Kinda crazy!  I feel like I just got here yesterday!!  So I gotta go out and help more people come unto Christ!!  Love you guys and I'll talk to ya next week!!  Keep up the great work and keep working with Jessie!! Love ya!!

Elder Hedman