Monday, April 14, 2014


Black star - mission home.  Blue stars are zone (Baler) and where he lives.  Click to enlarge map.
Okay, so what a crazy last week.  Holy cow!  To start off, yes I got transferred.  I'll touch more and that later!!  But I am now a district leader and that is pretty cool!!  Gotta love more paper work and responsibility, oh well....   

So this last week conference we got to watch (Yoda he is!) and that was so cool!!  I loved every talk so much.  They are all great.  I loved the 4 minute one that was way cool.  And I loved Elder Bednars, that was so amazing also!!  Also this last week, we had interviews with the president!!  That was so awesome.  He asked me about the calling and what I thought.  I told him that I was nervous and he was like "oh good that means you are gonna work hard!!"   And I thought- woah, that's true - I never really thought of it like that!!  He is such a great mission president.  I'm gonna miss him when they go home in July!! 

100's of years ago, a typhoon devastated the area and only 7 families survived.  This is a memorial to the lives lost.

But okay, now time for the good part, so I got transferred.  The area I got transferred to is the area that everyone in the whole mission wants to go to.  They all want to come here to this tropical paradise!!  I got transferred to Baler Zone!! This area is truly so gorgeous.  I see why everyone wants to come here.  I'll send you some of the pictures that i took in a bit.  But wow I have finally seen the ocean and wow is it amazing!!!  It was so cool!!   The only down side is the work is really hard here because no one wants to listen.  But the members seem strong!!  My companion knows little English so this is fun... Tagalog all the time... hard, but its okay.  I know that the Lord is with me through all this!!  Sorry for the short email not much time!!  But I'll send some pictures to ya!! Take care and make good choices!!

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