Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Balut and being annoying

Crazy week.... not really. Just missionary work this week.  A lot of going out and finding.  Had splits with the zone leaders, so that was fun.  Two Americans working together.  That was way sweet. His Tagalog is like fluent so hes Filipino I think.  It's really good.  Hopefully I get there soon!!  That was fun!! 

We had 3 investigators come to church yesterday so that was good!!  Love the nanay and her anak that came, mom and child.  They are so nice.  She looked really interested.  She has a great fellowshipper that served a mission in Hong Kong.  So that's cool... 
 How they get their corn!! They hit it to get it off the cob!!I  I have some videos but I don't know how to send it so I'll just wait till I get home to show you that!! 

No machines to do the work, like in the States.

For P day, we are just getting stuff done around the house and cleaning.  We had planing in the morning so it's more of a plan kind of p day.  Kinda boring but what can ya do.... so that's OK.  This week I have eaten some interesting stuff to say the least!!!  So squid like the usual, not to cool.  That's just normal now.  Fish every day nothing new there.  But then i ate BALUT!!!!!!!!  That weird egg thing that's half alive or half formed what ever you wanna call it!!  Ya I know, I'm crazy that I ate that!!  But actually it wasn't very bad!!  hahaha   I would probably eat it again if I felt like it!! (: 

Disgusting!  Crazy kid!

 It was kinda delicious actually!

So sorry not very long message this week.  Kinda busy with the paperwork and of course I get the crappy computer at the computer shop.  So that sucks.  Let me know how the ward is going and stuff!!   Love you guys and miss you!! (: Keep up the good work back home!! 

Elder Hedman

I asked him to tell me how to say "your annoying" in Tagalog.....ang kulit mo, that means your are annoying.  That may come in handy!

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