Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pogi Person

So that sign is a sign for a pogi person, which means attractive.  So basically I'm just saying that I'm freakin attractive in all the stuff... but really anything new there??  Ya that's whats up! hahaha 

Thanks for sending a package!!  I can't wait to get it!!  I know it costs a crap load of money, so thank you again so much!!  So crazy that CiCi (neighbor that served in Denver, Colorado mission)  is already back from her mission.  Wow that went by so fast!!  Miss those Milau's so much.  I talk to Semisi (serving in Honolulu, Hawaii) and Latu (serving in Anchorage, Alaska) on p day or email them!  

So the work is freakin crazy here.... First I'll start by saying what happened.  So good news first, 2 people got their mission calls here.  One girl is going to England!!  And the other is going to Hawaii!!  So its really crazy because they speak English but they don't really know English very well.  Well they take English here but don't speak it at all!!  And usually the Filipino's get assigned to another place in the Philippines.  But because of all the extra missionaries that have submitted their papers.  A ton of them are getting sent to other countries as well now!!  So that was really cool!!!! 

OK so this branch that I am in right now is freakin crazy.  Everyone just loves to fight with each other and no one will humble them selves to admit that they did something wrong!!  Gotta love it!  It's so bad that half the people are less active because they got offended by someone in the branch.  Freakin crazy people they are.  Way too sensitive.  Boy does it test my patience with them!!  I just wanna straight up tell them that their freaking idiots for not humbling themselves. That their stiff neckedness is keeping them from the blessings of the gospel.  So the branch president talked to us about what is going on.  He has to release some people for certain reasons.  But when the people get released, they go out and tell everyone that it wasn't for any reason or just because he doesn't like them.  So then they get mad at the branch president.  So holy crap, I just miss America where people will talk out their problems and wont sit and yell at each other so much.  So that's the news with the branch. 

The work is going pretty good.  We only had 1 investigator come to church but we found this great family who is really receptive to the gospel.  Before we even set a return appointment, they asked if we would come back and share because they really like what we have to share with them!!  So that is pretty good!!  Doing a lot of finding right know just so we have a great pool of people.  So we can get a lot coming to church!!  That's basically the work now!  Tagalog is coming along so well!!  I understand basically all know and can answer, so its really cool! Gotta keep practicing though!!  So I will be able to talk to you all in Tagalog!!  Can't wait to hear from uncle Tim and talk to him in Tagalog!!  That's gonna be the best!! 

Tomorrow marks the 5 month mark since I started my mission.  Holy crap, it feels like it has only been a couple weeks.  Can't believe its been like 152 days since I've seen you guys!!  Of course, I miss ya, but its pretty sweet here!!  Love you guys!!  Miss you and don't worry about me.  I got this place under control!! hahaha  Love you all!! Mahal ko kayo! Tandaan palagi na ang simbahan ni jesucristo ng mga banal sa mga huling araw ay totoo!! At kung gagawin natin ang part natin, basbasan tayo  ng diyos!!  (I love you! Remember always that the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is true! And if we do our part, God bless us!)  Love you!!  

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