Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Still Humble

Sounds like a party of a week!!  (Our ward had an "American Idol" competition)  I will try and watch the videos, but I don't know if it's allowed or not.  I will ask my zone leaders and see if I can!

But this last week was a good week!! Can't believe I'm almost out 5 months, crazy how fast the time flies!!  But ya, I love my companion.  He is great and is really helpful in helping me to do stuff that I  don't like to do!!  So its really a great experience.  Definitely love the help he is to me!!!   So I don't have much time to email today because we had a zone activity.  Maybe I'll talk about that a bit.  It was fun.  We did some weird games, don't know how to describe it because the games here are crazy and not really games.  But more like see how can do the most embarrassing thing.... hahaha

Zone activity earlier today.  We went to a coconut farm so that was kinda fun!! Climbed up the high trees!!

So this last week we have found some new people to teach.  We had exchanges where we switch companions for a day.  I thought it would be cool to go with Elder Callister.  He is from my batch (group at the MTC.)  So we are the exact same in the mission.  That was awesome, he is way chill!!! Definitely relate to him a ton.  I love talking with him.  He's just way cool and we relate in like everything.  It's tight!!  So the teaching was sick because we are both Americans.  That doesn't ever happen really unless exchanges, so we taught.  He's good in the language!!  But siyempre (course) I'm just a stud right??  Ya I'm humble still!! (: Hahahaha   So I led the lessons.  We had some new investigators so that was a way fun time!!  The investigator is crazy but she has great potential!!!

Sorry not to much detail.  We don't have very much time at all this day!!  Love you guys and take care.  Just remember to do the good things like church, read, and pray!!!  Love you guys.  Take care!! Let me know how things are like in Utah!!  Here is still crazy!!  Love you and miss you tons!!

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