Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Senior Status

F. Tañedo Street, Barangay San Nicolas
Tarlac City, Tarlac 2300

March 3, 2014

Dear Brother and Sister Hedman:

Recently, your son, Elder Macallen Arthur Hedman, was appointed to serve as a Senior Companion in the Philippines Angeles Mission. Accordingly, we wanted to extend our gratitude to you for sending such a wonderful young man to our mission.  Elder Hedman is a great asset to us because of his obedience and dedication to the work.

Thank you for raising Elder Hedman to be the kind of young man he is.  You can be proud of him and the work that he is doing here.


David C. Martino

(I have to be honest, not really sure what senior companion means except that he has been there longer than his companion.  And more reports to fill out!)

I'm still in the same area so that is pretty good.  I love my new companion.  His name is Elder Magno.  He is diligent and really loves the work and wants to see progression.  So it is so much better!!  I love it because he actually wants to have studies and review the things in the night!!  So I  actually am really loving this next transfer!!  We have had a hard time getting people to come to church, but this last week with him we had 55 oym (Open Your Mouth) which is 20 above our standard of excellence.  And 12 new investigators, so that was so awesome seeing how many more people that we are showing the gospel of Jesus Christ too!!  I also have been learning Tagalog a lot more and am able to start understanding a lot of stuff.  So that is pretty sweet!!  I guess we will see where I am at the next time that I get to Skype!!  Sorry the letter is a little short this week!!  We are short on time got a lot of work to do and reports to fill out!!  Love you guys!!  Keep up the great work back home!!

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