Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mas gwapo ako keysa sa lahat ng tao pa rin

So this week, what a crazy week!!  So sorry to hear about your crazy drama story.  But that's life!  What can ya do about it? hahaha,  Lucky!  You get to drive!  I wish I could drive here.  I just miss the little things like driving and stuff.  But that's okay.  The people drive like freakin idiots here so that's okay!!  Sorry if my English is bad now.  It's freakin hard to speak English and Tagalog.  So I'll just speak Tagalog maybe.  Then you guys won't understand haha.

OK.  This last week was a good week!! We had the baptism and that was so amazing.  I was so worried because we weren't able to come into contact with her to remind her about her baptism.  So we just went there and hoped she would be there.  And she was already ready and dressed in white!!   So I  had to get my stuff ready to baptize her!!  She was so excited.  That was so amazing.  It was such a great experience!!  I had to do it twice though because the first time we weren't sure if her hair went all the way under the water.  So that was fun!!  Both of the baptisms I've done I had to do 2  times.  So maybe I need more so I can practice better.   haha (:

OK.  This week we had like no progressing investigators and that just sucked.  Because we baptized all the people who have been coming to church.  So that was good and bad.  So we needed to go out and find some new ones!!  So we went to this less active members home to teach her.  She had a friend who seemed kinda interested.  So we shared a short message with them and then the next day we went to her house to share a good message with her about the restoration of the gospel!!  She was really interested and accepted to read the book of Mormon.  Se only had 1 day to teach her.  So I  wasn't really sure if she would come to church.  But the less active was helping by being a friend and she showed up to church with her daughter!!  That was so awesome when I saw them.  I was just soooo happy!!  That was the good thing this week!!

My companion earlier today left to go back to Tacloban.  So I am on splits with the old assistant to the president now until transfers on Thursday!!  So that is pretty cool!!  He is a good missionary.  So I'm excited about that.  Sad to see my old companion go, but it's good because sometimes I didn't know if he really liked the work here.  Since it's not really his assigned mission.  But what can ya do? Just work and hope it goes well.  So hopefully the new one will be more into the work!!  Gotta work hard to get the people into the waters of baptism and bring those less actives back into the church!! Love the gospel.  Miss you guys but I know that napakahalaga ang gawain misyonero, so its ok (: Namimiss ko kayo, mas gwapo ako keysa sa lahat ng tao pa rin, so ok lang (more handsome essential missionary task, so its ok I miss you, I'm more handsome than you and everybody else as well)  (: Love you guys!!  Talk to you next week!

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