Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Basbasan Kayo Ng Diyos (God bless you)

So this last week was a rough week but good at the same time!!  It was good because we have been trying to find a new apartment because we are being kicked out of ours.  We have one in sight, so tomorrow we have to contact the owner to see if we can get to it!  It has air conditioning in the room so if we get it I'm going to be so eternally grateful.  It is way to freaking hot here in the Philippines!!

Notice he is always in the shade.  He says it's too hot there, but it's the cold season!

We had the interview for one of the girls this week and we were kinda nervous if she would pass because she doesn't really listen very much when we try and teach her!  But we trusted in the Lord and just explained how, if you feel the holy ghost just say what you feel.  Our zone leader came out of the interview and said that she did way good!!  I was so happy for her!!

The other girl though we are having a hard time contacting, so we were not able to get her interview done.  I was so worried that she would just stop coming to church and everything after coming for like 2 months straight!!  So I was completely panicking for that and I was so nervous!!  Then to make it worse, when our church was starting we only had like 18 people there.  I was just so upset and sad!!  But then as soon as the opening prayer was said, everyone just showed up.  And we had the most that we have ever had in our church attendance!!  We had 47 people show up!!  Along with the girl who we weren't able to contact!!  She has set up an appointment for the following week!  So I am so excited for her also!!  We also had 2 more investigators commit to baptism so that was good we just have to get them coming to church now!!!

Why do they always make that sign with their hands?  No clue.  I've decided it's a Mormon gang sign!

"One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just isn't the same."  (Sesame Street throwback!)

So this week was a good week and hard, I was really sick this past Saturday and Sunday morning.  I was just throwing up a ton and felt completely awful.  I was so afraid I had like a virus and would have to come home.  But I said a prayer and just really prayed hard for strength that I would be able to continue and would feel better.  So that morning, I called the mission president's wife and just let her know what was happening.  She told me some stuff to help me and now I'm feeling just as good as new.  Which was great!  I was so grateful for prayer and seeing the blessings that it brings!!  I love the gospel.  It really is amazing and I'm so glad that I have the opportunity to share it with the people here!! So that was this week!! I love you guys!! Continue to put the gospel as a priority at basbasan kayo ng diyos!! Love you guys!!

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