Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pasaway (disobedient!)

Sige, so this last week..... first I'll answer questions!!  The baptism happened.  That was pretty cool!! I'll send some pictures in a bit of that!!  We were able to find a new apartment which was pretty nice!! It does have air conditioning so what a freakin blessing.  But it's freaking garbage, so its not really different.  haha  Tell Jessie I'm gonna beat her up if she doesn't go to classes.  She needs that so bad!  Sorry to hear about what happened to Uncle Scott's mom.  I realize how lucky we are to be blessed with the knowledge of families can be together forever.  And what a relief that is!  What a blessing it is to be able to share that with the people here in the Philippines.  It really is such a great experience to be here!!  I love it!  Of course, there are days when it's way hard but that's okay.  Because the hard days are what encourage you to work harder and make the work happen!!

So we had interviews with the mission president and his wife.  So that's why you saw the pictures.  It was actually in Paniqui so we didn't go to Tarlac.  It's only like a 20 minute bus ride to Paniqui so it wasn't that bad.  But that was such an awesome experience.  I really love our mission president and his wife.  I'm gonna be sad when they leave because he really has a great spirit about him.  I just love hearing what he has to say.  When he speaks, you can really feel the spirit and know what you need to do and when you need to do it!!  That was such an awesome experience!!!

These pictures were downloaded from the Mission President's Wife Facebook Page.  When I enlarge them, they look awful, so I kept them small.

So know for the interesting thing that happened this week!!  So it's called being pasaway, which means disobedient.  But we kinda had to in order to get back to our area!!  So we went to church in Moncada, like a 10 minute bus ride away in the morning.  Afterward, because they are having their town fiesta, or town celebration, the road was closed down.  So we didn't have a way to get back to our city.  And we had church in like 2 and a half hours, so we needed to get back.  So first we took the little trike thing to this bus stop.  And I was alone with like 3 other people, so I didn't have my companion for like 4 minutes.  I was like oh crap.  I'm freakin gonna get lost!!   haha   But it was all good, I was with members.  And I can actually understand what they say, so that was good!!  Then my companion showed up at the bus stop and we were good.  We had to get on a bus but it had to take an alternate route to get to where we needed to go.  So instead of a 10 minute ride, we were on that bus for like an hour and went the longest way ever.  And not only that, we ended up crossing the mission border and we were in the Urdaneta mission.  So that was a pretty interesting thing!!  I took a picture of the giant mall that they have there.  So I have evidence that I left the mission area.  Hopefully nothing will happen because it was a requirement for us to get back to our city!  But I  thought that was something a little funny!!  I was in another mission, and I was like,  oh goodness I'm so gonna be dead!!  It was funny though because we had like no idea what we were doing!!  But it was so worth it!!  I liked seeing the difference just in that little bit of area!!

So that was what has happened this week really!  Not to much, just trying to move our stuff into our new apartment.  And the baptism we have another one this week.  I will be the one baptizing her so that will be pretty cool!!  I'm excited for that!!  Love you all!  Make sure to let everyone know to email me.  All my friends and stuff.  I wanna hear from some other people!!  I would love to hear from anyone!! Thanks a ton.  I love you guys!!  Take care and remember that the church is true!! Love you!!

Service Project!  Gathering wood in the area. 

Just me looking Gwapo as usual!! Attractive me!! Ya Mapagpakumbaba ako, (I'm Humble)

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