Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hindi Tamad (not lazy)

So this week has been a rough week!! It has been hard because we had a lot of meetings which made it really difficult to work.  That was definitely really hard because we are trying to reach our standard of excellence for the month of February.  This means we need to be doing a lot of teaching and everything!!  That was the hardest part!!  I really realized how lucky I am to have the companion I do right now.  I realized how lazy some of the missionaries here are!  They just don't wanna work.  When we are supposed to go out at 10:00 in the morning, they just sleep and don't even want to go out and work!!  I was mad because I didn't come out in a mission to freaking sleep all day!  And just do nothing!  I came out to share the word of the gospel so it can bless the other families just like mine!!!   So if I get a new companion this next transfer and he is lazy, I am going to whip him into shape.   Because I ain't gonna put up with that!! haha

I have no idea what is on his head!

Also this week was difficult because we found out that our landlord doesn't like the contract that we have for our house, so we are getting kicked out!!  That was pretty fun!!  We have till like the 18th of February.  But I was so worried about everything!!  I think we are going to actually move into a nicer one.   One that actually isn't just cement.  And it has some tile in it!  I was like "woah I'm like a king!"  Even though its like the size of my room and Jessie's room combined... it's so small!!!  So that was an interesting thing!! 

Then because we weren't able to go out and teach, I was so worried about the investigators coming to church!!  That was the thing I was way worried about because we have 2 girls that need to continue to come to church in order to be baptized.  We weren't able to teach them very much this week.  One of them we couldn't even teach at all!!  But they both came to church and I was so happy!!!!  We have really been talking about how we need the members help because missionary work isn't just for the missionaries.  Last year in our stake, we had 150 baptisms and the church attendance didn't really rise at all, so the stake president has really been focusing on the members.  Why they aren't helping the missionaries by keeping the less actives come to church!!  So that was awesome to see that he really trusts us more then he does to the members!!

Just what Mac needs, a light saber!  He thought it was "totally legit!"

So this next week we are going to be working a lot so that will be good!! Miss you guys but remember that the church is true and it is the thing that really does bring real happiness in our lives!! The language is really coming along well.  I understand a lot now and even in casual conversation I'm starting to pick up stuff so that is pretty cool!!  The people here still think its crazy to see an American!!  The only things they know how to say is whats your name?  So I hear that everywhere I  go.  Which is kinda annoying.   But they also know swear words, so I hear F you Joe!  And I really  wanna just go up to them and sock them in the face, but I know that they don't know the meaning of it, so I just let it go and ignore it!!  Remember the church is true love and miss you guys!!!

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