Tuesday, January 28, 2014


So I will answer your questions first!  That way I don't forget!!  The baptism did happen!!  IT was so awesome!  I really was so happy of his decision to choose to be baptized.  I will send some pictures in a bit about that!!

First Baptism!!

You could really feel the spirit when he bore his testimony of how he knows the church is true!!  He might serve a mission.  And he wants to work with us for missionary work, which is completely awesome!!!!   And the girl that was getting ready to be baptized, yes she committed to a date on the 15th of February!!  And another girl also committed to that date also!!  So we will have 2 more if they continue to come to church!!

That is really awesome.  I think of the scripture in the doctrine and covenants of how great will be your joy if you bring one person into the kingdom of heaven.  So that is amazing!!  And the name of the place (from last week) is called Isdaan!  It was the most random place ever.   hahaha  But it was really funny.  I really wanted to give Obama a priesthood blessing, but I was afraid I would get struck by lightning if I did.  So I decided it would be better to not do that!! hahahahahaha   Ya I am funny.  I know (:

I think this is a basketball hoop.  I'm pretty sure he could dunk on this hoop!

So this last week was a pretty good week!! We had those 2 girls commit to a date for baptism.  Then we have been teaching a lot of less actives who live pretty far from the church.  We wanted them to come to church and they committed that they would come to church.  So when I saw them coming to the church and walking from far away I was just super happy!!  We had the most members come to church that we have ever had before!  We had 41 people come to church which is a lot for us!!   I know, that's weird.   haha  But it was such a good feeling to see them come!!  It really shows that when you work hard and put the gospel as a priority, the Lord will bless us in many ways!!  So always remember that, when we put the Lord first, he will always bless us in what we do!! That was pretty much this last week, just a lot of teaching of less actives!!

That is great to hear about Nicole (neighbor who left this week for Peru)!  I'm glad she is serving a mission.  It really will bless her life!!  I would love to hear from some of the guys in the ward if you could tell them to email me!  Like Josh Margetts again.  He still hasn't!  haha  And Josh Vanwagenan and maybe even Jessie's friends if they want... hahaha  But remember to tell them that the email is macallen.hedman@myldsmail.net not mac.hedman because I feel like that will confuse some of the people!!  So make sure that they know that!! A wesome about that thing you found for the computers.  I can't wait to see what it is like!  I would love to see pictures of like what is going on and stuff that would be awesome!!  Like stuff around the house and family!  That would be really cool!!  Also tell uncle Tim to email me that would be really awesome also!!  Love you guys remember the church is true!! Also did you send that package?

Squid.  He says he couldn't believe he ate it.  It was delicious!

A whole fish, head, bones and everything.  Again, really good!

Lucky group of Elders eating together!

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