Tuesday, January 14, 2014

boutique (pronounced bo ti kee)

So this last week! First I will answer your million questions so that I don't forget them! We had a trainer/trainee meeting so that is why we were all in Tarlac! That was cool! I knew you would like that because I saw her taking pictures.  My thought was "oh my mom is going to love seeing more pictures!"  The meeting was good.  I wanted to compare my Tagalog to the others in my batch.  You know me, I like to be the best at what I do!  So I feel like I'm easily one of the best in my batch with the Tagalog.  Me and Elder Munson that we met at the airport!  He is a cool guy! He's doing really well in Tagalog also!

Trainer/trainee meeting in Tarlac
That's cool.  I didn't know who the new president was going to be! (a new mission president will be heading to Mac's mission in July)  I hope he is as cool as President and Sister Martino.  They are amazing!!  He really has a special tone when he speaks.  It's really from the spirit.  I can tell.  So I  love hearing him talk!!

I took out some money just for some personal stuff.  For  P day today, I think it's just a relaxing p day!  So we are just going to be emailing, shopping and then looking around the area and relaxing which is what I kinda need!!   Missionary work is hard for sure but it is great!  And yes, you are annoying, but that's okay.  hahahaha....just kidding!

His hair sure looks red in this picture!

a boutique lizard.  Yuck!
Me and my companion get along well.  He is a really cool guy!  He is way funny also!!   As for what you should send, just put a bunch of music on a usb and then whatever you feel like sending!  You can surprise me!  If you can, put my real razor in there if there's room!  But if not, that's okay too!  I don't think I really need anything.  Maybe put together some pictures of the family and just stuff growing up.  That would be cool to have some remembrance of that!!  Oh and also see if you can find my old seminary journal.  It was on top of my dresser in my room!  I would love to have that seminary stuff  I had just to help with some studying and stuff!  So that's all i would need!!

Looks like he got a ukelele! 
So as for what is going on.  We had 3 investigators come to church on Sunday.  Which was pretty good!  But this last week, we have got a new investigator.  Her husband doesn't want her to listen to us because he is devoted to his religion and doesn't think that we should teach her.  But she constantly tells us to come back and tells us to teach her!  So that is so incredible!  She really feels something different when we teach her.  It's so amazing!!  And also we taught one of the Lolas (grandmas).   She has a problem with drinking coffee.  So I was kinda worried about teaching her about the word of wisdom this week!  But I trusted that the Lord would provide a way for us.  Wow ,was it incredible!! We taught her about the word of wisdom and she did have a question about the coffee.  But after she said that she would commit to live the word of wisdom and that she wasn't going to drink coffee anymore.  That was so amazing!!  I was like woah!!  The gospel truly does bless lives!  I can't wait to see how she will progress!!  The gospel is the most important thing.  We need to remember that!!  We will have hard times of course, but if we focus on the good and just learn from that, we can actually look for the blessings in our lives.  I am so amazed at the gospel and the blessings that it brings to us in our lives!!

The Tagalog is coming along pretty well.  I'm starting to really understand what is being said.  So I actually know what I'm doing!!  It's way cool.  At first I didn't know what was really being taught because they talk so fast!  But now I find myself talking in Tagalog fast also.  It just comes to me sometimes!!  It's so amazing!!  So Tagalog is pretty cool!!  When I get home I will only speak Tagalog to you guys.  You will get confused and I'm just going to laugh at you guys!!  hahahaha  I can't wait to share more with you guys!!   I miss you guys and love you!!

They got a referral to visit someone at the northern part of the mission.  It was a ways away!

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