Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Isdaan (fishy)

I can't believe it has already been 3 months! I don't know what your talking about.  This 3 months seems like it has been like 1 week.  It has been so crazy fast!!

That is so cool for Nicole (neighbor leaving from a mission)!  Peru, that is so awesome!  Wow 6 degrees for Christina (neighbor serving in Russia).  That will be different (and cold)!!  That's cool she is going out there.  I emailed her and it was great to hear from her!

Service Project.  Mac and a machete.....not sure if that's a good combination!
I'm proud of Jessie for getting back on track.  That is awesome! Our ward has great support so that is so awesome!! I miss our ward for sure!!

I can't believe you guys got a freaking cat (Jessie got a cat)!!  You crazy people... that is so weird.   hahaha  But if it gets the family happy, then sure whatever!  It looks really small so that is crazy!!

Balut- developing duck embryo that is boiled alive and eaten

Looks disgusting!  His companion ate it, he didn't.  Gross!!
That's cool about you working from home again.  That will be good for the munchkins.   hahaha   Good job on the weight loss!

So today for p day we went to this place called Isdaan.  I don't really know how to describe it.  I took a lot of pictures so you can see it.  Wow,  is it way cool!! It has like these monkey statues and then action figures.  It was way cool!  I will send the pictures in a second because there is a lot!  But that was such a cool thing.  We went as a zone (several areas or cities make up a zone)  That was also way cool!!!

Isdaan is a floating restaurant and tourist attraction.

The best thing that happened this week is that the guy that we had been preparing for baptism had his interview and is recommended worthy.  So we will be baptizing him this Saturday!!  And my companion is letting me do the baptism!!!!!!!!   So this week I get my first baptism!!!!  That is the best thing!!  I am so excited for this Saturday.  I will get to do a baptism!!  And then also a girl we have been teaching for a long time, who is 17, is getting ready also!!  We have had a hard time committing her to a date for baptism.  But this last week we really worked with her and she accepted the date for February 15th!!!!!!!!   So that's another one soon!!  I am so excited!!

The hard work is really paying off!!  So that is the good news!!  Also the language is really starting to come to me!  I understand basically all the stuff we teach in lessons.  But I just can't speak perfectly yet!   I'm getting there.  And it is crazy how fast i am also!  So i am really happy about that!!   How is Utah!? And oh my shoes are doing just fine!!  I even shine them!!  I know crazy!?!  But they are holding up good!!! Miss you guys!!!

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