Monday, November 24, 2014

Amazing Race - Mormon Style

Dear Family and Friends!!

So since I don't usually have much time to email, I wrote down some stuff I wanted to talk about.  I will let you know the highlights and then I will answer the questions that you had for me!!! 

So this week was a great week.  Pretty much we are getting some great work done.  Even though it's busy,  it's so awesome!!!  So first off I'll start with the church.  It was a great day at church.  We had 182 people there at church.  It's really pretty sweet because this branch I'm in is stronger then most of the wards in the mission.  Which is pretty sweet!  The only reason they aren't a ward (a branch is like a small parish, a ward is a regular parish......the stake is a several wards),  is because of the other areas.  We aren't qualified (large enough) to be a stake yet.  But this church, I can't remember if I told you, is where Dallin H Oaks (a member of the Quorum of the 12--kind of like the Pope's right hand man) came on October 25th and met with a ton of leaders from across the mission and other missions, all the church leaders.  So it's a really nice building!!  We also had 8 investigators that were able to come to church.  Which was insane!  The 2nd really good news is we baptized 2 people this week.  So that was awesome!!  So we had so many new investigators come to church, which was really amazing!!  Blessings come that's for sure.  I keep praying so much just for gratitude of all the blessings we are receiving in this area!! 

And that brings me to the next part!!!  We baptized 2 people this week!!  It was awesome!! Nanay (Mom) Winnifreda and Tatay (Dad) Benjamin.  It was crazy because we had to get interviews with the mission president for them.  So it was really sweet that they were able to get baptized!!  I actually baptized the tatay and my companion baptized the nanay.  It was super awesome!!  It was great seeing their desire to do the right thing!!!  Then the following Sunday, I also confirmed the nanay a member of the church and gave her the holy ghost.  That was the first time that I have ever done that.  So I was a little nervous but it was super awesome!!  Spirit was super strong.  It was so cool.  I felt like the spirit was going through me and then like going into her it was so amazing!!!  Felt like I was like giving her the force from star wars or something... not gonna lie the spirit is pretty tight.... haha  So that was really good!! 

Then the other highlights is my companion is a stud we had the sickest p day activity earlier today that he came up with.  I just kinda helped a little.  He's so creative.  We basically did Amazing Race.  It was so cool because we went around the whole city.  Well, I guess the other missionaries did and we basically were the posts and had them do stuff at each spot.  It was so cool!!!  People were looking at us like a little crazy and others were like... that's such a neat idea cause its just like clean fun!!  So some people asked us questions and it was great we got to talk to some people about the gospel.  We let them know we are missionaries and stuff.  They were interested just by the good example of doing good clean fun stuff!!  So always remember who you are and what you stand for!! haha  So those are basically the highlights for this week!!  I thought you would like to know a lot.  haha (:

So now to answer the questions!  I actually still have a nanay who is able to do the laundry for us.  It's 250 pesos for 2 times and its usually twice a week.  So it's not too bad but its a little expensive.  It saves me a ton of time.  I don't know why no one has a laundry machine.  Literally everyone spends so much time doing laundry here.  It would be so smart to get a good machine and save a ton of time.  But I don't know how expensive that is.  I am actually in kinda a nicer part of the mission i feel like.  We teach most people who are like the middle class, which is what the church is hoping for here.  Everyone has a way to get to church.  Most times it's by a little trike, kinda like a motorcycle.  There's few people with cars here.  So when we see a house with a car, we just go up to them and try and be friends with them.  Try to get a good appointment with them!!  It's super fun though!!  As a zone leader, I get to go out and work.  I get to go to other areas also and help them if they are struggling.  It's awesome just serving more basically.  Then more reports and following up on peoples goals and how its coming along!  So its pretty fun! 
For christmas, I don't really need anything special.  Probably just maybe some beef jerky would be so awesome. Oh, and some sunflower seeds!!!  Any flavor but the gross pickle. Just anything really is okay with me.  I'm okay on books.  My bags are getting too heavy anyways from books.  My shoes are still fine.  I'll be okay there.  I could always use any kind of tie!!  Ties are nice!!  Yes I'll be able to Skype for christmas so that will be fun!!  I'm looking forward to that.  But I'll just speak Tagalog, so it bugs you guys!! (: haha  Tell dad happy birthday and that I love him!!!  Remember to always be obedient!!  Love you all and keep up the great work!!

Oh also, print some real pictures from Costco or something.  Like of stuff I did before the and friends.  Just pictures from old times so I can show others!! THAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT!! (: Thank you (: 

Elder Hedman

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


First off, I love the picture. Not gonna lie... Legendary... hahaha 
Found this and sent it to Mac.  I'm so funny!
So this last week has been a crazy week!  Really feeling the responsibility.... haha....just lots of hard work and got to do lots of stuff!!  Not as much stressed, just enjoying it, laughing at others peoples goofs.  I hope that's not bad... hahahaha.  Just sometimes, wow, people are funny.... goodness hahahaha.  Gotta love it. (: 
Sounds like the family is doing good.  That's awesome.  Out here it's just basically the same!!!  Just trying to find the people, so we can have some future leaders here in the church.  So we are talking to all of the houses to help find those people who are ready to hear the fullness of the gospel!! (: hahaha  The area is good.  I want to share a funny experience.... 

We were out trying to find some people to teach and we found a house.  It looked about a decent sized house, so we tried to talk to them to find the people and see if they would be interested in the gospel. So at first, we talked to one of the kids in the front of the house.  We had already seen the mom.  But he runs in and comes out and says that his mom isn't home.  We had already seen her so it was funny. So I asked the kid, I was like- oh did your mom tell you to tell us that she isn't home?  And he smiles a bit and says yes she did..  So we just kinda laughed a bit.  But then another kid was right there.  And he yells at the kid and says "You're liar!  I saw your mom.  She's in there!!!"  So he gets all mad and runs in to go get the other kids mom to come out of the home.  He then comes out with the mom a little shocked with some fear in his eye and he looks at us and is like she said that she isn't home. So we were just like, oh gosh poor kid got yelled at for doing the right thing (what his mom told him to do).... haha.  It was so funny but who knows maybe they will be open to the message another day!! hahaha 

So gotta love the mission.  There are just so many funny things that go on!!  But the good news, we have 5 people on goal dates for baptism in December.  So that is going great!!  We are helping them progress a ton.  And yesterday we had a 192 people at church.  I was like woah.... it was way sweet!!! And we had 7 people attend church that were investigators.  This upcoming week, we should be having 2 people getting baptized!!  So that is the good news.  We got some great stuff going on!! (:  Sorry if I'm like repeating my self.  I'm still trying to recall the stuff that's happened this week.  Maybe I'll write it down next week so emailing is so much better!  
So the city here is just kind of a small one.  It doesn't have a McDonald's, but it has a Jollibee.  Search that up on Google.  That's basically like a McDonald's, but its crap.  We compare to arctic circle in America.  Where its like you have no other option to go too.... hahahaha  So that's the funny thing.  Sometimes we eat there, but not too often.  As for the next package you send me, I could use some contacts, that's for sure!! My shoes are still going great.  I know, I think the shoes we bought are magic.  One pair still looks new!  It's so sweet.  So I should be good for shoes!!  The area is still a big area, but it's going great!!  Oh, something else that was cool, I saw a shooting star.  So that was legit!  Sorry random, just thought you should know there are shooting stars in the Philippines also!  
I'm sure it's just the perspective, but he looks like a giant here!
Love you guys!  Keep up the great work with the scripture reading.  I miss you guys but don't worry only 324 days left.  But I'm not counting... (: hahaha  I love you guys!!  Remember to always put the gospel first the Lord will bless us in ways we can't even imagine!!  Love you all!! Church is true!!

Elder Hedman

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


New Area is in the blue star.  Click to enlarge the picture.

Dear Family and friends!!

So sorry I do not have much time this week! This week has been a super crazy week also.  So I'll try and get at much stuff in as I can in a short time!!! 

I did get transferred!! I am no longer in Dipaculao, Aurora!!  I am now in a city called MUNOZ.  It's a great area.  I was actually moved up to a Zone Leader.  So, yes, I did get made a zone leader!!  It's so fun but it's so crazy and busy also I have so much reporting I have to do now and follow up on a ton of stuff so its kinda crazy.  So my emails might be a little shorter.  So sorry about that!!!   (No!!  One sad mom here!)

There are 12 elders and 8 sisters in the zone so there are 20 of us all together.  So it's kinda busy and crazy but they are really nice people.  So that's good!!!  I'm actually one of the older ones in the zone.  Also there's a lot of new people.  So that's kinda cool!!! 

The work is going really well and we actually have 2 baptisms coming up in the area.  So that's going to be really great!!  I'm sorry I can't really write to much.  I will try and write a lot more next week!!  But the mission is really changing here and that's what I wanted to let you guys know.  There is some new stuff!! haha   The mission is getting down a lot to more basic kind of stuff.  With that they wanted to limit our correspondence with people while in the mission.  So on P-days, I can no longer chat with anyone.  I can send emails, but I can't talk to anyone back and forth.  (This is what we used to do, kind of a chat via emails.  Guess not anymore.....sad mom again.)  It's kinda a shock to the mission.  But I think it will be okay.  So I won't be able to chat back and forth.  So if you have any certain questions, be sure to ask me!!  Hope that's okay with you guys.  But I know you will make it through, cause the Lord will bless us for the obedience.  So that's going to be good!!

I can't believe the stake has changed.  (Our stake presidency changed over the weekend.  Kind of like a new bishop coming into a diocese.)  I didn't know the general relief society president's 2nd counselor was in our stake. (Sister Carole Stephens, 2nd Counselor in General Relief Society)  That's cool. That's kind of a hard thing because I truly loved President Sahm.  But I'm sure they will do a great job!  So my new companions name is Elder Salvana.  He is way awesome.  We are gonna have a blast together.  It's going to be so sweet!!  Lots of hard work to do but we will get it done great!!   Sorry the email isn't too long it doesn't mean I don't love you.   haha  I just have to get lots of stuff done.  I'm sure as I'm a zone leader longer, it will get easier.  But remember I love you guys!!
Mahal ko kayo!!! 

Elder Hedman

*most of the pictures are of him saying good-bye to the old area and the people there

Friday, November 7, 2014

Zone Leader!

November 8, 2014

Dear Elder Hedman:

Congratulations on your appointment as a Zone Leader! In accepting this position, you accept a responsibility of great magnitude. It is exciting to see you develop the ability, faithfulness and obedience required to handle this important stewardship.

You are expected by the Lord and me to excel in all aspects of the work. Prayerfully study the responsibilities of your new assignment. (See Missionary Handbook, pages 55-62) The power of your example will be tremendous, so put forth every effort to magnify your assignment and your priesthood. Earn the respect of the missionaries you serve and become a source of help for them. Be a light and a servant leader!

Through this assignment you can have a major impact on the success of the Angeles Mission as well as upon the development of many missionaries. As a leader you must put on the whole armor of God to shield yourself better from the temptations of the world. Be humble and obedient that your life will exemplify true leadership. Use this experience to grow by helping others develop.
This is also an appointment to the Mission Leadership Council. This is a very important role in the mission as we meet monthly to counsel over the affairs of the mission. You are expected to prepare well for these council meetings and bring your best ideas and recommendations that all may enjoy a revelatory experience.

I am informing your family of this accomplishment. I hope they will be most pleased with your appointment as a Zone Leader. Continue faithfully in all aspects of the work and enjoy the blessings the Lord has waiting for you in this new position. Sister Clark and I look forward to the opportunity of working more closely with you in this new assignment.

Scott B. Clark

We received the above letter from the mission office this week.  Mac has been called to be a zone leader.  We are not sure yet if it is the same area/district he has been in.  This is a great opportunity to serve the other missionaries in his area.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Rain & Resorts

So family and friends this week has been kind of a crazy week!! 
The work was good but it was just kinda random and lots of weird stuff going on!!!  So I'll start with Tuesday!! On Tuesday, it was a normal day but I was just feeling like crap.  I think I had the flu or something.  It's all gone now and I'm perfectly healthy.  But I just felt awful but still went out to work and taught some great lessons to a family.  They are the Pernetes family.  I'll talk more about them in a bit.  Then on Wednesday, it was a good day but it the weather was awful.  We had tons of rain and lots of like flooding.  So that was interesting.  Kind of slowed down the work for the day, but it was still good!!  Then Thursday was such an awesome day!!  So we have an elderly couple missionary here in our zone.  They called us Wednesday night asking if we wanted to go with them to a resort on Thursday to help them translate for a conference for the church.  The resort is basically the most beautiful resort in the whole mission and very few missionary's have ever been there.  Because it's like 2 hours away.  So basically like the end of the mission.  And it's so gorgeous because it's all white sand beach and just amazing!!  So that was basically our Thursday.  We went up with the elderly couple and translated for them.  It wasn't really bad at all cause everyone here basically understands English so it was pretty fun!!  I took some pictures which I'll send.  It was amazing!!!

Then on Friday, normal day nothing really happened just taught again and that was about it!  Then on Saturday, we had a fireside for the branch.  It was supposed to start at 5:30 and there were only 2 people there, a member and her mom who is an investigator.  Not anyone from the branch showed up to start.  So that was super frustrating.  But we went inside and said a prayer asking that this time wouldn't be a waste.  And then about 30 minutes later, we decided to go through with it even if there were only 2 people there.  And right after we started the movie, others started to show up and that family, the Pernetes family showed up.  So that was great!  We showed the Joseph Smith movie, the prophet of the restoration, so it was great! I think I might have shed 1 tear... haha  It's such a great movie and just makes me so grateful for the gospel!!  Then on Sunday, we had church and had 6 investigators come.  It was great!!  Then later that night we also got to watch a broadcast given by Dallin H Oaks (one of the quorum of the 12 apostles).  It was great. It was perfect for the Philippines of the stuff that needs to happen here with the gospel.  So I took a couple notes.  But it was great.  You could really feel the spirit well!!!

So as for investigators keep the Pernetes Family in your prayers!  They are a great family who are progressing really well!!  They come to church and read and do everything we ask them to do.  So it's going really great!  They are a dad and mom and 3 kids who are investigators.  So they are progressing great!!  2 of the kids should be baptized this November 15 or 22.  And the mom and dad in December because of church attendance and stuff to clear up.  But it is going great!!  So keep them in your prayers!!

The guy on the table is being "killed."  This means he is finishing his mission and it's his funeral.  Goofy kids!

Also this week is transfer week.  I have a feeling I could be getting transferred because I've been here for 7 months.  So I'm not sure but it's just a feeling.  So it could be a change up for me!!  Also the zone leaders just had a meeting.  And I heard a ton of stuff is going to be changing in the mission.  I'll find out more tomorrow.  But some of the stuff sounds like huge stuff that's changing.  So that should be interesting!! Remember the work is great and the church is true.  The lord truly does answer our prayers!! Keep up the prayers and building testimony!!


Mahal Ko kayo!! Ingat!!

Elder Hedman