Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Rain & Resorts

So family and friends this week has been kind of a crazy week!! 
The work was good but it was just kinda random and lots of weird stuff going on!!!  So I'll start with Tuesday!! On Tuesday, it was a normal day but I was just feeling like crap.  I think I had the flu or something.  It's all gone now and I'm perfectly healthy.  But I just felt awful but still went out to work and taught some great lessons to a family.  They are the Pernetes family.  I'll talk more about them in a bit.  Then on Wednesday, it was a good day but it the weather was awful.  We had tons of rain and lots of like flooding.  So that was interesting.  Kind of slowed down the work for the day, but it was still good!!  Then Thursday was such an awesome day!!  So we have an elderly couple missionary here in our zone.  They called us Wednesday night asking if we wanted to go with them to a resort on Thursday to help them translate for a conference for the church.  The resort is basically the most beautiful resort in the whole mission and very few missionary's have ever been there.  Because it's like 2 hours away.  So basically like the end of the mission.  And it's so gorgeous because it's all white sand beach and just amazing!!  So that was basically our Thursday.  We went up with the elderly couple and translated for them.  It wasn't really bad at all cause everyone here basically understands English so it was pretty fun!!  I took some pictures which I'll send.  It was amazing!!!

Then on Friday, normal day nothing really happened just taught again and that was about it!  Then on Saturday, we had a fireside for the branch.  It was supposed to start at 5:30 and there were only 2 people there, a member and her mom who is an investigator.  Not anyone from the branch showed up to start.  So that was super frustrating.  But we went inside and said a prayer asking that this time wouldn't be a waste.  And then about 30 minutes later, we decided to go through with it even if there were only 2 people there.  And right after we started the movie, others started to show up and that family, the Pernetes family showed up.  So that was great!  We showed the Joseph Smith movie, the prophet of the restoration, so it was great! I think I might have shed 1 tear... haha  It's such a great movie and just makes me so grateful for the gospel!!  Then on Sunday, we had church and had 6 investigators come.  It was great!!  Then later that night we also got to watch a broadcast given by Dallin H Oaks (one of the quorum of the 12 apostles).  It was great. It was perfect for the Philippines of the stuff that needs to happen here with the gospel.  So I took a couple notes.  But it was great.  You could really feel the spirit well!!!

So as for investigators keep the Pernetes Family in your prayers!  They are a great family who are progressing really well!!  They come to church and read and do everything we ask them to do.  So it's going really great!  They are a dad and mom and 3 kids who are investigators.  So they are progressing great!!  2 of the kids should be baptized this November 15 or 22.  And the mom and dad in December because of church attendance and stuff to clear up.  But it is going great!!  So keep them in your prayers!!

The guy on the table is being "killed."  This means he is finishing his mission and it's his funeral.  Goofy kids!

Also this week is transfer week.  I have a feeling I could be getting transferred because I've been here for 7 months.  So I'm not sure but it's just a feeling.  So it could be a change up for me!!  Also the zone leaders just had a meeting.  And I heard a ton of stuff is going to be changing in the mission.  I'll find out more tomorrow.  But some of the stuff sounds like huge stuff that's changing.  So that should be interesting!! Remember the work is great and the church is true.  The lord truly does answer our prayers!! Keep up the prayers and building testimony!!


Mahal Ko kayo!! Ingat!!

Elder Hedman

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