Monday, November 24, 2014

Amazing Race - Mormon Style

Dear Family and Friends!!

So since I don't usually have much time to email, I wrote down some stuff I wanted to talk about.  I will let you know the highlights and then I will answer the questions that you had for me!!! 

So this week was a great week.  Pretty much we are getting some great work done.  Even though it's busy,  it's so awesome!!!  So first off I'll start with the church.  It was a great day at church.  We had 182 people there at church.  It's really pretty sweet because this branch I'm in is stronger then most of the wards in the mission.  Which is pretty sweet!  The only reason they aren't a ward (a branch is like a small parish, a ward is a regular parish......the stake is a several wards),  is because of the other areas.  We aren't qualified (large enough) to be a stake yet.  But this church, I can't remember if I told you, is where Dallin H Oaks (a member of the Quorum of the 12--kind of like the Pope's right hand man) came on October 25th and met with a ton of leaders from across the mission and other missions, all the church leaders.  So it's a really nice building!!  We also had 8 investigators that were able to come to church.  Which was insane!  The 2nd really good news is we baptized 2 people this week.  So that was awesome!!  So we had so many new investigators come to church, which was really amazing!!  Blessings come that's for sure.  I keep praying so much just for gratitude of all the blessings we are receiving in this area!! 

And that brings me to the next part!!!  We baptized 2 people this week!!  It was awesome!! Nanay (Mom) Winnifreda and Tatay (Dad) Benjamin.  It was crazy because we had to get interviews with the mission president for them.  So it was really sweet that they were able to get baptized!!  I actually baptized the tatay and my companion baptized the nanay.  It was super awesome!!  It was great seeing their desire to do the right thing!!!  Then the following Sunday, I also confirmed the nanay a member of the church and gave her the holy ghost.  That was the first time that I have ever done that.  So I was a little nervous but it was super awesome!!  Spirit was super strong.  It was so cool.  I felt like the spirit was going through me and then like going into her it was so amazing!!!  Felt like I was like giving her the force from star wars or something... not gonna lie the spirit is pretty tight.... haha  So that was really good!! 

Then the other highlights is my companion is a stud we had the sickest p day activity earlier today that he came up with.  I just kinda helped a little.  He's so creative.  We basically did Amazing Race.  It was so cool because we went around the whole city.  Well, I guess the other missionaries did and we basically were the posts and had them do stuff at each spot.  It was so cool!!!  People were looking at us like a little crazy and others were like... that's such a neat idea cause its just like clean fun!!  So some people asked us questions and it was great we got to talk to some people about the gospel.  We let them know we are missionaries and stuff.  They were interested just by the good example of doing good clean fun stuff!!  So always remember who you are and what you stand for!! haha  So those are basically the highlights for this week!!  I thought you would like to know a lot.  haha (:

So now to answer the questions!  I actually still have a nanay who is able to do the laundry for us.  It's 250 pesos for 2 times and its usually twice a week.  So it's not too bad but its a little expensive.  It saves me a ton of time.  I don't know why no one has a laundry machine.  Literally everyone spends so much time doing laundry here.  It would be so smart to get a good machine and save a ton of time.  But I don't know how expensive that is.  I am actually in kinda a nicer part of the mission i feel like.  We teach most people who are like the middle class, which is what the church is hoping for here.  Everyone has a way to get to church.  Most times it's by a little trike, kinda like a motorcycle.  There's few people with cars here.  So when we see a house with a car, we just go up to them and try and be friends with them.  Try to get a good appointment with them!!  It's super fun though!!  As a zone leader, I get to go out and work.  I get to go to other areas also and help them if they are struggling.  It's awesome just serving more basically.  Then more reports and following up on peoples goals and how its coming along!  So its pretty fun! 
For christmas, I don't really need anything special.  Probably just maybe some beef jerky would be so awesome. Oh, and some sunflower seeds!!!  Any flavor but the gross pickle. Just anything really is okay with me.  I'm okay on books.  My bags are getting too heavy anyways from books.  My shoes are still fine.  I'll be okay there.  I could always use any kind of tie!!  Ties are nice!!  Yes I'll be able to Skype for christmas so that will be fun!!  I'm looking forward to that.  But I'll just speak Tagalog, so it bugs you guys!! (: haha  Tell dad happy birthday and that I love him!!!  Remember to always be obedient!!  Love you all and keep up the great work!!

Oh also, print some real pictures from Costco or something.  Like of stuff I did before the and friends.  Just pictures from old times so I can show others!! THAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT!! (: Thank you (: 

Elder Hedman

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