Tuesday, November 18, 2014


First off, I love the picture. Not gonna lie... Legendary... hahaha 
Found this and sent it to Mac.  I'm so funny!
So this last week has been a crazy week!  Really feeling the responsibility.... haha....just lots of hard work and got to do lots of stuff!!  Not as much stressed, just enjoying it, laughing at others peoples goofs.  I hope that's not bad... hahahaha.  Just sometimes, wow, people are funny.... goodness hahahaha.  Gotta love it. (: 
Sounds like the family is doing good.  That's awesome.  Out here it's just basically the same!!!  Just trying to find the people, so we can have some future leaders here in the church.  So we are talking to all of the houses to help find those people who are ready to hear the fullness of the gospel!! (: hahaha  The area is good.  I want to share a funny experience.... 

We were out trying to find some people to teach and we found a house.  It looked about a decent sized house, so we tried to talk to them to find the people and see if they would be interested in the gospel. So at first, we talked to one of the kids in the front of the house.  We had already seen the mom.  But he runs in and comes out and says that his mom isn't home.  We had already seen her so it was funny. So I asked the kid, I was like- oh did your mom tell you to tell us that she isn't home?  And he smiles a bit and says yes she did..  So we just kinda laughed a bit.  But then another kid was right there.  And he yells at the kid and says "You're liar!  I saw your mom.  She's in there!!!"  So he gets all mad and runs in to go get the other kids mom to come out of the home.  He then comes out with the mom a little shocked with some fear in his eye and he looks at us and is like she said that she isn't home. So we were just like, oh gosh poor kid got yelled at for doing the right thing (what his mom told him to do).... haha.  It was so funny but who knows maybe they will be open to the message another day!! hahaha 

So gotta love the mission.  There are just so many funny things that go on!!  But the good news, we have 5 people on goal dates for baptism in December.  So that is going great!!  We are helping them progress a ton.  And yesterday we had a 192 people at church.  I was like woah.... it was way sweet!!! And we had 7 people attend church that were investigators.  This upcoming week, we should be having 2 people getting baptized!!  So that is the good news.  We got some great stuff going on!! (:  Sorry if I'm like repeating my self.  I'm still trying to recall the stuff that's happened this week.  Maybe I'll write it down next week so emailing is so much better!  
So the city here is just kind of a small one.  It doesn't have a McDonald's, but it has a Jollibee.  Search that up on Google.  That's basically like a McDonald's, but its crap.  We compare to arctic circle in America.  Where its like you have no other option to go too.... hahahaha  So that's the funny thing.  Sometimes we eat there, but not too often.  As for the next package you send me, I could use some contacts, that's for sure!! My shoes are still going great.  I know, I think the shoes we bought are magic.  One pair still looks new!  It's so sweet.  So I should be good for shoes!!  The area is still a big area, but it's going great!!  Oh, something else that was cool, I saw a shooting star.  So that was legit!  Sorry random, just thought you should know there are shooting stars in the Philippines also!  
I'm sure it's just the perspective, but he looks like a giant here!
Love you guys!  Keep up the great work with the scripture reading.  I miss you guys but don't worry only 324 days left.  But I'm not counting... (: hahaha  I love you guys!!  Remember to always put the gospel first the Lord will bless us in ways we can't even imagine!!  Love you all!! Church is true!!

Elder Hedman

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