Tuesday, November 11, 2014


New Area is in the blue star.  Click to enlarge the picture.

Dear Family and friends!!

So sorry I do not have much time this week! This week has been a super crazy week also.  So I'll try and get at much stuff in as I can in a short time!!! 

I did get transferred!! I am no longer in Dipaculao, Aurora!!  I am now in a city called MUNOZ.  It's a great area.  I was actually moved up to a Zone Leader.  So, yes, I did get made a zone leader!!  It's so fun but it's so crazy and busy also I have so much reporting I have to do now and follow up on a ton of stuff so its kinda crazy.  So my emails might be a little shorter.  So sorry about that!!!   (No!!  One sad mom here!)

There are 12 elders and 8 sisters in the zone so there are 20 of us all together.  So it's kinda busy and crazy but they are really nice people.  So that's good!!!  I'm actually one of the older ones in the zone.  Also there's a lot of new people.  So that's kinda cool!!! 

The work is going really well and we actually have 2 baptisms coming up in the area.  So that's going to be really great!!  I'm sorry I can't really write to much.  I will try and write a lot more next week!!  But the mission is really changing here and that's what I wanted to let you guys know.  There is some new stuff!! haha   The mission is getting down a lot to more basic kind of stuff.  With that they wanted to limit our correspondence with people while in the mission.  So on P-days, I can no longer chat with anyone.  I can send emails, but I can't talk to anyone back and forth.  (This is what we used to do, kind of a chat via emails.  Guess not anymore.....sad mom again.)  It's kinda a shock to the mission.  But I think it will be okay.  So I won't be able to chat back and forth.  So if you have any certain questions, be sure to ask me!!  Hope that's okay with you guys.  But I know you will make it through, cause the Lord will bless us for the obedience.  So that's going to be good!!

I can't believe the stake has changed.  (Our stake presidency changed over the weekend.  Kind of like a new bishop coming into a diocese.)  I didn't know the general relief society president's 2nd counselor was in our stake. (Sister Carole Stephens, 2nd Counselor in General Relief Society)  That's cool. That's kind of a hard thing because I truly loved President Sahm.  But I'm sure they will do a great job!  So my new companions name is Elder Salvana.  He is way awesome.  We are gonna have a blast together.  It's going to be so sweet!!  Lots of hard work to do but we will get it done great!!   Sorry the email isn't too long it doesn't mean I don't love you.   haha  I just have to get lots of stuff done.  I'm sure as I'm a zone leader longer, it will get easier.  But remember I love you guys!!
Mahal ko kayo!!! 

Elder Hedman

*most of the pictures are of him saying good-bye to the old area and the people there

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