Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Busy week in the Pines

So dear family and friends,

Please tell the Weeks (our neighbors), I am so sorry and that I send my regards.  I hope they are doing okay.

But here in the mission, the work is going pretty great in the Philippines.  I am really rushing for time right now, so it'll be probably a short little email.  This week we had 45 lessons which was a great week.  It was so awesome!  And we also hit a record for our church attendance.  We had 215 people at church which is flipping incredible.  So that was so amazing!  The Lord is really working some great blessings here.  We also had 6 investigators at church which was really great!  We should be having another baptism this upcoming 13th of December and then 2 more on the 19th, or 20th.  So thank you for the prayers.  It really helps a lot! 

Sounds like the family had a great Thanksgiving.  People look so different now wow (we sent lots of pictures). hahaha  I don't recognize some of the faces I feel like.  That's kinda weird!!  But it was a great Thanksgiving here also!!  No one celebrates that, so we bought some liempo.  I have no idea what that is in English, but it's like a roasted pig and they just chop off pieces of it.  So that was basically my thanksgiving here.  It was fun!! hahaha  But they really do love christmas here.  So there are lots of lights going up.  Which is really cool!  

So as for this week, I'm actually in Cabanatuan right now.  We came down earlier then later we are going to Tarlac.  We have a big meeting with the mission president.  So I'm excited for that.  We get to discuss stuff we see in the mission and how to make it better.  So we are going to get fed great!  And it's gonna be fun.  It's with all the zone leaders and the sister training leaders, so it will be super fun!!  I'm looking forward to that but we won't get to work till like Wednesday night, so that will be crazy!!

As for the stuff I love here in the Philippines.  The people here are so awesome.  They are so nice and so funny!!  They always just welcome you in and want to entertain you, so they are super nice!!! That would definitely be my favorite thing.  And then also all the rice! I'm always going to eat rice when I get back to America... it's the greatest thing in the world.... I love it so much. Hahaha  So that is my favorite!

The thing I probably don't like very much, is kinda weird, but sometimes their just too nice.  Like even if they don't care anything about the gospel at all, they want us to come back. So it's kinda annoying for the work.  It makes it hard to find people who are really caring about the gospel.  So sometimes just causes us to waste time.  But it's good.  So they are great but they really just don't have much care at all for religion most of the time.  So it's kinda annoying.  Sometimes they really say that they don't care what happens to them... it's just like wow ok.... hahaha   So that's the bad thing I'd say!! 
But don't worry, the week is going great here.  I'll let you know more next week!  Sorry we have a lot of reporting to do, it's the end of the month so it's crazy.  But it'll be fun!!  Remember I love you all and I'm so grateful for the gospel!!
Elder Hedman

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