Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Skype Call

It was the best Christmas present ever!  Skyping with my missionary!  Things are going well in the Philippines.  He is loving it.  It was nice since all the cousins, aunts/uncles and Grandma and Grandpa Hedman were here for our Christmas celebration.  So he got to see everyone!  It was hilarious when all the cousins came running in!  He didn't recognize some the kids and how much they grew.

Some things I've learned:

He's eaten dog, squid and balut.  Yuck to all three!  But he really loves it.  He was telling us about a dish he wants to try with live fish......and you eat it!  Icky!

I asked if he washes his sheets.  He said he did 2 weeks ago.  Yeah, parenting win!  When I asked the time before that, well, let's just say......gross.

He and his companion laugh all the time he said.  They get along great.  We saw another missionary companionship come in when he was talking with us. At least the cyber cafe was open!

They are in an apartment complex and another missionary companionship.  He loves that there is another group there that they can talk and hang out with during the down time.

He loves his new Mission President and thinks the world of him.  The Mission President has a great sense of humor and enjoys the calling a lot. 

I asked why in the world he was wearing a sweater in the pictures he sent last week.  He said it was cold....about 70 degrees.  What in the world?  Cold.....that sounds like heaven, especially since it's in the 20's here.  Crazy kid!

His calling as a zone leader means a ton of reports to do every week.  He listed them off and I quickly realized, wow.....glad that's not me!  Being a leader means working a lot.  He is doing a great job at it though and we are so proud of him.  

Like I said, best present ever.  Sure miss this kid, but seeing how happy he is and how much he enjoys the work he is doing, makes it all worth it!

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