Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Celebrations and another Baptism

So family!! Sorry i don't have a lot of time, it's the big report day.  I have tons of stuff to do still....

Christmas was good here.  It was great getting to skype you!!  Luckily I answered most of your questions, so I don't have to tell you too much what happened this week!!  The good thing was we had a baptism again.  I know were just so hard working its awesome!! hahahaha 

Balut...again.  He says it tastes like a hard boiled egg.  Just looks nasty to me!
I loved the pictures you sent.  I would always love to get as many as you can send!! (:  I'm not really homesick at all even with Christmas time.  Right now I'm just sick with a cold which is weird cause its supposed to be hot in the Philippines.  But oh well!  This year, for New Year's again, we have to be in at 6 o'clock.  So that will be fun.  We will probably just play games and relax at the house!!  

Philippine Cultural Event

Not much changed since I talked to you guys.  But our roommate or our kabahay got emergency transferred earlier so that added to the stress. They didn't do anything wrong, but they are using those 2 elders to help others fix their problems.  They are obedient so they have to help some others with disobedience. So that will be fun!!

This week we do have another baptism which is awesome.  This is the 4th week in a row with a baptism.  So the work here is still going really good!  His name is Marco.  He's progressing really well.  So that's awesome!!  I'll send you a lot bigger email next week.  Sorry, I have a lot of reports I have to do at the end of the month!!  But I love you guys and thanks for the Skype call.  It was great getting to see the whole family!! (: I love you guys!!

Elder Hedman

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