Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hump Day!

Dear Family and Friends!!

First to start off that's awesome Quinn is going to the playoffs.  What a stud... hahaha  I'm glad he actually does some good stuff in football.  I can't wait to get back and watch him play!  Also that's cool that Sydney is a dance captain.  That's awesome!! Shes doing a great job!!! Also cool thing that Jessie got a job at Pet Smart! Congrats to her tell her for me!! (:

So this week was a good week!! Kinda a stressful week to start!! Tuesday was just normal missionary work we got some great lessons in and that was awesome! We actually went on splits with some members in the ward.  One is a 22 year old guy who is so cool!  He wanted to serve a mission back in the day but then made some bad choices and didn't go.  But he has completely turned his life around again and took out piercings in his ears and is bugging all his friends to come to church with him.  He just got the melchezideck priesthood which was awesome.  So its been cool getting to know him and work with him!!  Then the drama happened on Wednesday!!  I had an interview I had to do for the zone leaders.  So we went over there and it was good!!  But right before we were about to go out to work, we got a call from Elder Christensen and he ended having dengue fever.  So he was in the hospital and the mission presidents wife wanted them to go to Tarlac.  So that was interesting.  We were just kinda stressing out for the day if he was gonna be okay.  But he's all okay now so you guys don't need to worry.  He's all good so that was just kinda crazy!!!
Mac and his companion.

Jasmine is still doing good.  We're getting ready for some other people to get baptized.  One is a referral from a friend.  He's got great possibility.   He's come to church a lot.  His name is Mark so we are helping him to get ready for his baptism.  Then another who's name is KC.  She's a part member family.  So they should be going through for this November!!  We found a new investigator whos name is Pilipina. Ya kinda weird in the Philippines tapos her name is Pilipina.  But she has great potential so that's awesome!!  So the work here is going pretty good!!!  Gotta keep working hard!!!

Also I got your package this week thank you for that!!  I love Kevin's friend... hahaha  It's awesome.  I've almost finished the book you sent me!!  Also loved the star bursts!!  Can't believe I've been gone over a year! So weird it doesn't feel like I've been gone for over a year!  We had spaghetti on my year mark because thats like a tradition here in the Philippines is you eat spaghetti at celebrations.  So that was good.  The spaghetti here is different though.  It's like a sweet spaghetti.  It's like sugary so its kinda weird but its also good!!  Remember to keep strenghening your testimony of the church its so important love you guys!! Mahal ko kayo!! Ingat kayo lagi!!
Mac and his "friends."  A bear which has no name and the pigeon, Kevin.

Elder Hedman

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