Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lesson of the day

*all pictures included in this post are from weeks past that I haven't used.  His camera still broke.  It better be fixed soon or I may go crazy!

So this week was good!! Sounds like the family had a good time! That's awesome that Jessie went to temple square! Sounds like you guys watch a lot of TV with another Tivo service... crazy people.... Well, keep up the great work!!

So as for the work here, it's going pretty good!!  So Jasmine got baptized this week and it was the most amazing thing ever!!  It was just great.  It was cool being able to baptize her.  Really neat!  She loved it.  She is like the most quiet little girl ever.  It was awesome because after she got up to bare her testimony, she didn't really know what to do but just wanted to share a little bit.  And after she said thank you to the elders, she said she knows its true.  Then just burst out in tears.  We were shocked because she is just so quiet.  You would never expect it from her!  It was so neat seeing the spirit work with her!  It was just amazing.  She felt so happy and then the next day at church she was just doing great!

Also this week, we had interviews with the mission president, President Clark.  That was great.  He told me he has some great expectations for our companionship here.  And it's awesome because my companion is the bomb.  He's just so awesome so that was cool!!  The only bad thing that came from the interview is that I have a small feeling that I might be here another transfer.  Which would basically mean 9 months in one area.  So that's forever..... but ya know the Lord has a plan.  So I'll do whatever he needs from me!  It's great.  The work is going great here!  We had 6 investigators to church and 4 that weren't able to make it that usually do come.  So we just have a lot of progression coming on in this area.  So it's really awesome!! Sometimes we go on splits with our leaders, so we can try and cover the whole area which is neat!!  The Lord truly does bless you if you are obedient, so always be obedient!!  Lesson of the day!!  Haha

Also, this last Tuesday, I held exchanges with a companionship in the district.  His name is elder Jacobson.  He's so cool!!  He kinda reminds me a bit of me when I was new in the mission, 'cause he's only been out here for like 2 or 3 months.  So he's still a little nervous.  But, wow, it was awesome.  He's a hilarious guy and just a great missionary!  His spirit is so strong so that was so awesome to work with him!!  We got some work done which was awesome!!  The work here is going great!!  Nothing to different here.  It's just been pouring rain here for the past couple days.  So that's fun!!  Just getting super wet from the rain and the streets get a little flooded.  So good choice in getting water proof shoes because they get soaking wet!!!  Continuing the studying of the book of Mormon and pmg (Preach My Gospel).  And then Jesus the Christ.  I'm loving it.  Great stuff I'm learning.  I gave a talk with the interview's with the mission president about the Book of Mormon.  It's just incredible.  So if your not reading it, I would suggest you start because it's awesome.... Remember that the church is true and continue to be true to the faith love you all!! Mahal ko kayo!!

Elder Hedman

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