Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Service Work

Dear Friends And Family!

So ya I haven't seen conference yet (Twice a year the church holds a worldwide meeting.  Everyone watches via satellite, online or TV).   I'm excited for this upcoming weekend.  We get to watch it this weekend!!  I've heard from reading everyone's thoughts that it was awesome! (:  That is cool that Megan and Trent were on that video! (: (There was a video between 2 conference sessions about Missionary work and our neighbors were on it.)  So sounds like you guys have had a crazy week.  Here it has been a little weird of a week.  We have been keeping up the teaching here basically and doing some cool service stuff!!  Earlier today we cleaned out an old abandoned hospital so that way they can use it to store stuff so that was cool!
I don't speak Tagalog, but I'm fairly certain I know what this part of the hospital was.

Bringing "tebowing" to the Philippines.

My companion and I are getting along great.  He just has a great desire to serve and he helps me a lot.  We're are having some great work together!!!  This week in our branch, we had the most attendance that we have ever had my whole time here!  We reached 104 in our attendance.  It's incredible.  We keep having our less actives come to church.  And we had 6 investigators come to church also.  So we are definitely seeing some miracles here in this area!  It's so incredible to see the blessings that the Lord has in store for all of us!  Jasmine is doing great!!  It's so funny! She is the cutest little girl ever!!  She's like 10 years old and is getting baptized on the 18th.  It's so exciting.  Her whole family is members but she needed the missionaries to teach her, and ever since we started that, their whole family has been coming to church.  When I first got here, the mom was kinda upset always and just always sad.  But now she comes to church and is so happy when she see's us coming over to share with them!!  It's so amazing!!  The Lord truly answers prayers.  It's so incredible!  And Jasmine is just so awesome.  She calls me best friend and I almost cry it's so funny!! 

We will leave and then when were about to get out of site, she yells out "bye bye best friend!!!"  It's so cute!!!
So as for study, I got your package that you guys sent.  Thank you so much!!  So I've been reading that Jesus the Christ a lot!!  The English is so deep, I almost don't understand it because I haven't seen English in forever so it's kinda funny!   But it's incredible and full of knowledge!  So I will keep on reading that!!! Always remember to read and study the scriptures because it is so important.  We can learn so much!!  Then applying it is the most important thing!  Tell the family I love them!! Miss you guys!! Oh also tomorrow is my 1 year mark left! (As far as we know, he will be released October 6, 2015.  This date can change though.  It's not set in stone!)  So I can't believe the time has flown by so fast!!  Just means gotta work even harder because the work isn't done yet!!  Remember the gospel is the most important thing!  And just to have priorities right!! Love you all!! Miss you!!
MDL conference.  These are all the same group he went to the Philippines with last year.  They are all district leaders now!

Climbing coconut trees.
Mahal Ko kayo!! 

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