Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Goodness so many questions mom.  Maybe I won't answer any just cause I'm lazy and don't wanna type a lot... hahaha 

So the week was a good week.  We worked really hard to try and get some good progression and we did!!  We had 6 investigators come to church yesterday, which was completely awesome!!  But I'm probably getting transferred on Wednesday to a new area.  I'm kinda excited to see more of the Philippines, but I love the people here.  And I really want to be here for the progression of them, so it's kinda mixed feelings.  The people here are way nice.  Freakin Americans suck... hahaha Just kiddin!  I miss the grumpiness of America a lot!! haha 
I love the language and its coming along really good.  I can't wait to speak to ya guys on mother's day in Tagalog.  And that's it so you guys won't understand!!  hahaha  Sucks to be you guys.... 

So p day we played basketball in the morning.  They still think I'm so good even though I'm not. Gotta love being the tallest person in the Philippines basically... hahaha   We don't get to see conference until this upcoming week (2xs a year the church gathers for a worldwide conference.  It is broadcast via Satellite and cable through-out the world.)  But I'm probably just gonna download it all and listen to it these next days anyways.  So I have more time to just take notes about stuff!!  I love studying the gospel.  It's like my favorite thing to do.  I know that's weird coming from me because I'm usually so lazy, or in Tagalog "tamad" (word of the day.)  But it's so fun learning more and more about it.  I miss talking with Tanner Burton (neighbor who just got his mission call) about all the stuff during our camp-outs I realized.  And just debating about gospel stuff.  That was something I was thinking about this week!!  

OK, he may be the tallest guy in the Philippines!

Basketball for P-day!
Love my companion.  He's really good with helping me in teaching.  So I'm improving so much in teaching Tagalog!!  Kinda don't want a new companion just cause I've made so much progress this transfer.  So I  hope I don't get transfered and we get another one together!!  But who knows, it's up to our president and the revelation he receives!  I miss ya guys!  But that's okay, I know that I'll see ya again and this is a great experience to have.  So I  don't know if I ever told ya, but we get released like 18 days early.  So I get released the 7th of October 2015.  So I  have 18 months as of today!  Kinda crazy!  I feel like I just got here yesterday!!  So I gotta go out and help more people come unto Christ!!  Love you guys and I'll talk to ya next week!!  Keep up the great work and keep working with Jessie!! Love ya!!

Elder Hedman

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