Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Elder Pogi or Elder Gwapo

OK, so I don't have like very much time to talk.  Freaking reports suck like nothing else!  Its whatevs though like yo... hahahaha

OK so this last week was a pretty good week! My companion is a cool guy, but he doesn't like speak any English so that sucks.  And he's like brand new also, so he doesn't like know the area at all.  So I just follow to learn the area.  But I'm probably gonna take over and just show what mission work is like.  His trainer seemed kinda lazy which sucks.  But what can ya do, it's missionary work.  So the area here is cool.  We are like 15 minutes from the beach.  We walk along the beach to get to some appointments. So it's pretty cool!!

Elder Gemelo and Elder Hedman.....Mac looks like a giant!

Being a district leader is cool.  I like getting to call the other missionary's.  That's cool.  The missionaries in my district are way awesome.  They're all so old in the mission.  My zone leaders are under my district.  They're so cool.  One is from Tooele and he's way legit.  I'm gonna probably hang with him after the mission and do some stuff.  He's way tight!  So i love the missionaries in this area!

Yesterday we had 4 investigators come to church and I only knew one of them.  So that was interesting.  Oh well, new people to teach so that's cool!!!  So for p day we just did some weird games in the morning and are playing basketball.  We will probably do something like a cool activity next week.  I'll let ya know next week.  Sorry the email is short not much time today!! Maybe I'll write you a personal letter and let ya know more!!  But don't worry about me, I'm doing just great the place is cool!!  I'll send some pictures!  Alright love you guys take care!! 

Elder Hedman (Mas kilala sa tawag ng mga tao na elder pogi or elder gwapo, pero ayos lang yan siyempre kasi totoo yun.)
(Less known people or elder elder handsome handsome, but okay yan yun true because of course.)
Chopped off his hair!

I might buy a sick machete and send it home to you guys but I'm not sure yet!


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