Tuesday, November 12, 2013


They gave us some time just so that I could email you guys to tell you that I am safe and that everything is going okay here!!

I was going to jokingly tell you guys that I lost a leg but it was no big deal, but I decided since you guys panic about everything, that you would just freak out! hahahaha  We only got hit with some wind and a little rain where we are.  It wasn't even as bad as some of the storms in Utah! But the south got hit pretty hard.  All the missionaries are safe though!

There is a lot of damage and stuff that happened.  We aren't allowed to go down and help because its like a 4 hour trip I think they said.  Plus it's too dangerous right now.  So the missionaries down there are going to be helping them out a lot!  (They are moving all the missionaries to Cebu and then onto Manila until it is safe to come back.  Safe drinking water, food and violence is a problem right now.)

Here it's just the usual stuff that keeps going on!  Make sure if you guys send me stuff now that you send it to the mission address.  By the time it gets here, I won't be at the MTC anymore.   I will be out in the field.  Send it to the other address not he MTC one!!

Also about music, I have no idea how to get anything down here, so maybe if you guys could send like the cheap mp3 that has music already on it that would be great.  Maybe just some church stuff, like hymns, classical, etc.  Don't do it yet though.  Think about it because I will find out more and let you guys know in the upcoming weeks!!  Thanks!!

Love you!
Elder Hedman

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