Thursday, November 14, 2013

That's Buhay (life)

It's been a completely crazy week!!  But as for the missionaries, it was good.  They all got here safely.  (The missionaries from the typhoon area were flown to Manila and are staying at the MTC until it is safe to return to Tacloban)  I even found out more about them.  I know that 2 of them graduated last year from Bingham (his high school).  I haven't seen them yet but they are OK!  So that was really good!!  My companion and I disobeyed and stayed out 30 minutes later that night the missionaries arrived so we could help them find the things they needed.  It was cool because 2 other companionships did that as well.  It was amazing because the people were just so grateful for the help they had gotten.  

In front of the MTC entrance.  What is up with the "thumbs up" sign?
The most spiritual thing was hearing Elder Gong of the 70  talk to us and saying how we could donate a few things to help them out! (the "Quorum of the Seventies" is a group of the senior leadership of the LDS church.  It is kind of like archbishop or a president of a diocese in the Catholic church.) I donated a shirt to help them out.  All in all, the whole MTC donated so much stuff!! The willingness of the people here to just help others out in their times of need is so cool!!  The gospel is so true and I know it with all my heart!!

I don't think I'll be able to see the links until I'm out in the field.  (I sent him links to his blog and the TV video clip that he was on.)  I will come back and look at them all after I get out into the field.  My teacher has been telling me things about you guys and that you said hi!  I was like, what the heck how does he know my family?  It was so weird!! haha  He is a way cool teacher.  He's easily the best one here!  The language is coming along pretty well to me and my companion.  We are teaching really well in Tagalog now.  It's so cool to see the change and how much we are learning!!  I'll give a short testimony in Tagalog!!

Alam ko po na totoo ang simbahan ni jesu cristo ng mga banal sa mga huling araw, alam ko po na tumawag ang diyos ng mga misyonero para sa atin, alam ko po na totoong propeta po si thomas s monson. alam ko po na buhay po si jesu cristo. alam ko po na manunubos po si jesucristo, sa pangalan ni jesu cristo amen.

(Google translate is the best!  I know that the true Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saint, I do know that God's call for us missionaries, I knew  I knew I would be a true prophet thomas s Monson. Please know I am living Jesus Christ. I know redeemer Jesus Christ, in the name of Jesus Christ. AmenIt's not perfect, but I get the gist!)

So that is a really short testimony because I can't type Tagalog to save my life.  It's just so different from English!!  I'll try and add a little each week.

When you send things to me, make sure you put lots of pictures of the Savior and even maybe a cross.  The people here are catholic and if they see a cross on a package, they think that they will be cursed if they take things from the package, so they leave those ones alone!  So make sure you put pictures like that on the things you send or the stuff could get stolen!!   As for mail, it takes so long to get here.  I still haven't even gotten anything but that's okay because I hear a lot of it just gets lost also!!  Things that people sent on October first are just barely getting here for other missionaries who are already gone out of the MTC.  So send everything to my mission address not the MTC one!! (see the sidebar to the right for the address) 

As for the week, we just study and study and then teach an investigator.  It's basically the same schedule every day but its good.  It's really exhausting because unlike physical labor where you can just relax and not have to think about anything, I have to be constantly focused so I can learn more about the language.  But it's really worth it!!! (: 

Elder Loy and Elder Hedman
I miss you guys but I know that I'm out here for a reason!!!  There is a purpose for me serving here and I can already start to see it in my life!!  This upcoming Wednesday is the first time that my batch (group) gets to go out of the MTC.  It's going to be so cool!!!   We get to go proselyting and go out to real areas and teach real people!!  I can't wait for that.  We get matched up with a companion who has been out in the field.  I have heard from the missionoaries that have already been out proselyting that it is so different.  That the MTC is just like a heaven compaired to the rest of the world out there!!!  So I can't wait for that.  I will let you know more about that when that moment comes!!

My favorite days are easily P days (preparation days) because even though it's still a freaking schedule, which totally sucks, it's a lot more laid back.  We get more time to relax and not have to worry so much about everything!  I love playing basketball here because the people think that I'm really good!!  Even though I am of course, I mean really I'm just amazing at all i do!!  hahaha

I'm jealous of you getting to go snowmobiling!  The weather here hasn't changed like at all.  I sometimes can't even remember what day of the week it is because it all seems like one big mash up of craziness!!!  But it's so worth it!  My understanding of the gospel has greatly increased and I love it!!  I know that I can rely on the Lord for everything!!  It just helps me get through all the hard times here.  I do have a little more hard times then I thought so I will type up a prayer in Tagalog!!

Ama po namin sa langit, nagpapasalamat po kami para sa ebanghelyo ni jesu cristo, nagpapasalamat po kami para sa araw nyagon, nagpapasalamat po kami para sa mga pamilya namin, at mga kaibigan namin, nagpapasalamat po kami para kay jesu cristo, at kay thomas s monson. basbasan po ninyo kami ng kaloob ng mga wika, bigyan po ninyo kami ng kalasugan, at kalakasan, at kapayapaan, at lakas, at lakas, nagpapasalamat po kami para sa, mga biyaya. nagpapasalamt po kami para sa oputunidad para mga misyonero. sa pangalan ni jesu cristo amen.

(Please Father in heaven, we thank for the gospel of Jesus Christ, we thank for the day nyagon, thank us for our family, and our friends, we thank for Jesus Christ, and with thomas s Monson. Please bless us of the gift of tongues, please give us an kalasugan, and strength, and peace, and strength, and strength, then we are grateful for, the grace. Please nagpapasalamt us for oputunidad for missionaries. in the name of Jesus Christ amen.)

That's a small prayer and the grammar probably isn't right but it's kinda the gist of it!!  It's so fun to learn a new language and talk to others about it!  We just communicate in Tagalog a lot and we try not to use English.  That way we can learn the language!!  I love hearing from a lot of different people, so please again let everyone know that I want to hear from them!! (:   Thanks so much!  I miss you guys and love you!!!

Love Elder Hedman
Make good choices!!  haha love you!!

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