Saturday, November 30, 2013

Not in Kansas (or Utah) Anymore

OK.  First off, pound and maim Jessie because I wanted to see something in my inbox that had to do with music!  I want a couple of song titles.  Just the first lines of the song so that way I can sing when i get bored!!! (He sent Jessie an email asking for these things.  Apparently, Jessie didn't reply yet!)

OK.  As for Thanksgiving, it was so boring here.  It was just like any other day!!  I kinda expected it though because we aren't in America.  I miss Thanksgiving.  Sad.

Make sure when you send the Christmas packages, you put a lot of stickers of the cross and stuff on it because they will take stuff out of it when you don't!!  Also, make sure that you get the thing for  Kimarie from me because I'm too afraid to send something here.  I think that it will get stolen. 
Don't worry about me showering and stuff.  I do at least 1 time a week. (The mom in me wanted to make sure he is showering/brushing his teeth/doing laundry)  Oh, just kidding, I do every day.  I don't really know what a tooth brush is so I don't know if i can brush my teeth.  Oh jokelang, hahaha that's Tagalog.  The showers are good and my razor is good.  And, no I'm a pro and I don't cut myself.  I guess I'm blessed I would say!! hahahaha   I share a room with 6 people.  It kinda sucks but they are all really cool guys so its not too bad!

That's so funny about Jessie's work and that's not good also!  (Jessie works at a local fast food restaurant.  2 employees got fired for being naughty!  It was NOT Jessie though!)   hahaha

I get out to the field on Wednesday!!  So I don't know when my next p day is going to be.  So don't worry if you don't hear from me for like a week and a half.  I have no idea when its going to be!! 
Tell Dad happy birthday from me.  I missed Thanksgiving which sucked.  I feel bad for Brigham (his cousin)  hahaha,  But here it isn't too bad.  I can't wait to get out into the field.

I want to share what happened this week.  I was so crazy!   I kinda told Kimarie something, but I don't wanna type it all over again for you guys, so I'll share something different with you.  You can talk to her if you want the other story also.

(First, the story he told Kimarie:    Okay for the spiritual thing it happened yesterday.  My companion and I were studying for our investigator and what we could do to help them.  So we said a prayer.  I have had a prayer in my heart for her the whole time we have been teaching her.  I know that she wants to come unto Christ, but it is really hard for her because the rest of her family doesn't want her too.  We were reading in Moroni (in the Book of Mormon).  It talks about how he was the only one for 21 years.  He had to keep the word alive for that time all by himself!!   Then how blessed he gets because of it!!  So we shared that scripture with her and it made her cry.  I almost cried!!  it was so amazing!!)

So this week we were supposed to go proselyting with the people in the Quezon City North mission.  But, in an unexpected turn of events,  they had to cancel on us.  So we were worrying that we were not going to be able to go.  I really wanted to go because I still feel like this is a prison but a good prison. hahaha   So when we were getting ready to leave, they told us that we still would be going proselyting but that we would be going as just our companionship that we have in the MTC!!  SO I WAS SO FREAKED OUT!!!   We went out into the field.  And we just started tracting (going door to door).  We had a teacher who was watching over us but we had to do all the talking to people and teach the people.  Some of the people were mean.  I was really shocked because I was told that everyone loves the Americans here.  So we just kept working and,  just like dad said in his email to me, the first couple doors we knocked on just said they didn't want to hear the message because they didn't have time.  We kept walking around and around and some of the people called us Joe.  That's what everyone here calls us!!   So that was funny!  But then we went down this street and we saw a guy who was sitting on a curb.  We started to talk to him and he told us that he was catholic.  We started to just kinda talk to him and we ended up getting his number.  We left him a pamphlet of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ!!  It was so cool because we would speak Tagalog to him and he would speak English to us to show off his English skills.

The best part was the next people that we met.  They were just sitting out in the street.  We said hi to them, and then we heard one of the guys call for us to come into his house.  So we went in and he started talking nonsense about how he was also an elder but for the catholic church but said that he is part Mormon also.  So we just kinda let him talk to us.  We shared another message and they really seemed to like our message.  We were able to give them a Book of Mormon to read!!  They gave us their number and they said that we could call them at anytime and that he would try and make time so we could come by and teach him again!!   So that was really cool!!

But the funniest part was after that.  So, that was good because we left 2 pamphlets and a Book of Mormon with them.  They were going to read them so that we can follow up.  The best thing was that they don't know that we can't do some things.  So he tried to buy my companion and I a stripper that was walking down the street.  He wanted us to see the show.  We just told him that no and no and no,  that it was forbidden, etc.  He just waved her off.  But it was so weird because a lot of the guys here want to be girls.  So they just switch their gender.  So he almost bought us a stripper that was pretending to be a girl that was a guy!  It was the most disgusting thing that I have ever seen in my life!  Thank heavens that the lord provided a way that we could get out of there in time!  Because that was so disgusting!  But I do know that our message will help them.  I know that his gospel is true!! 

Sorry for just rushing at the last bit,  but I have run out of time to email.  So I will talk to you guys the next time I have a p day.  I don't know when that will be!!  But remember that I do love you guys.  I'm safe and the Lord is watching over me!!

Love you guys!!

Love, Elder Hedman!!

P.S. The internet here just like shut down.  We didn't have time for pictures!! So when I get out into the field,  I will send pictures.  I love you guys!! Thanks for everything!! 

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