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OK, so I sent a email about the information about Skype.  I really hope you guys get that and know that the time is going to change.  I will Skype at 12:00 here, it will be 9:00 there I think.  Sorry about that change but we are having a district meeting that morning.  I didn't know about it so I will just Skype you guys after!  And don't worry for Skype, I will have enough time.  I'm only gone for 2 years, so I'll see you guys again!  Haha I think we get around like 40 minutes to like an hour.  Depends on if my companion is pasaway or not (pasaway means disobedient hahaha)  So I guess we will see.  We might skype just a little longer like 45 minutes, ya I'm a rebel... hahaha jokelang, (joking)

The Elders look like they want to ride the motorcycle!

So I freaking miss the snow and the mountains most of all, so that really sucks because here it is so flipping hot!  I really miss going into the mountains.  You really forget all the small blessings we have in Utah until you are out of the state!  I really miss the snow and mountains, I swear I'm gonna sweat like 1000 gallons of sweat because it is so freaking hot.  They say this is a really cold time of the year.  I'm pretty sure I will come home in summer and then go back to the Philippines in the winter, because it is gonna be way to hot... hahaha just joking.  When Tim said that it would be really hot, he wasn't kidding.  Holy crap, it sucks... hahaha

I like getting letters that are hand written.  They're really nice.  Sometimes they come really fast!  I got some in like 10 days.  So they can get here really fast.  Maybe I'll write you one mom, if I have some extra time.  hahaha  I will try though, don't worry!

The streets of the San Manuel area.  Very rural!

If he tells me he wants one of these as a pet when he gets home, I'll be pretty upset!

I can't believe that happened to Brigham and them, that is completely crazy!  (our relatives got robbed)  I would have been so mad.  It probably is good that Nate and Brigham weren't there because Brigham and Nate would have probably killed the robbers.  But, I'm glad to hear that at least something good is going on back in America!  I'm glad that they got that secret Santa because they really deserve it.

The people here are really funny!  I will share the funniest thing that happened this week.  Here they love to listen to American music but they really don't understand the meaning of the lyrics. So its kinda funny... we had a Christmas party this week.  But the people do a lot of dancing and singing and it's really cool!  I'll learn how to dance here so I can actually dance when I get back! hahaha

At first the young women, who were like 14 - 18, danced and it was the funniest thing ever.  Don't forget this is inside the church building and in the church.  This would never happen in America.  The other Americans and I were just cracking up laughing!  But the songs that they danced to were  "I'm bringing sexy back, by Justin Timberlake, Low by flo rida, and they like a shakira song.  So inside the chapel in the church they were dancing to those songs.  They had no idea what on earth the songs meant.  Holy cow it was probably one of the funniest things that I have ever seen!  After that the young men danced and they danced to some songs, I can't remember the name.  Then I heard the back street boys.  I was like oh my gosh... I LOVE IT!!   hahaha  The people were dancing to the backstreet boys in the church!  Oh gosh, when I get back to America, our church needs to change a bit because this was the funniest Christmas party I have ever seen inside a church.  It just cracks me up!

At the Christmas Party
I'm excited to talk to you guys too. I can't wait.  I miss you guys!  Please remember to send a list of the emails of the other missionaries in the ward.  I want to email Adam Lever, Christina, Katie, Ryan, and the others.  I already talk to Austin, Latu and Semisi but that's it.  I talk to Easton and it's cool.  But I'm pretty sure Latu is gonna live with us after!  Hahaha (his family moved to California right after Latu left on his mission.)  I hope he can if they don't move back to Utah!  I would love to have a list of all the missionaries emails so that i could email them!

Mac and Elder Biolena, his companion, plus another companionship from the district.  Both Mac and Elder Biolena are new to the area.  Mac's companion is the district leader.  I don't really know what that means! 

 Mac went to his first baptism in his district.  The Elder who did the baptism was in the same group from the MTC. 
I miss you guys and I'll talk to you soon!!   Love you stay strong remember the church is true! pinakapoki si elderhedman dahil nagdasal ako at nakatanggap ako ng sagot para sa panalangin ko. (Elder Hedman is the most attractive because I have prayed and received an answer for my prayers.) Yeah, I'm pretty good (; haha   Just kidding!  Love you guys!  I will talk to you on Christmas day!!

 **we were emailing each other back and forth so here is some of our conversations
I wrote:  What are you planning on doing today?  Anything fun?  I am watching the Sound of Music on TV and trying not to get annoyed by the other kids.  Haha!  We bought some stuff from Costco from the Philippines.  That is how we are keeping you close this Christmas.  Do you have to do your own laundry?  Or do you have someone do it for you?

After you left, Patches (our dog) would stay in the front room for a long time, waiting for you to come home.  He would sit in there for another 1/2 hour to an hour and wait for you.  So sweet!  He misses you!

His response:   I MISS OUR DOGS, the dogs here are the most nasty things ever... they are not like American dogs... haha the ones here just suck.  I don't know what our plan is for today. I think we are going to go and see another Christmas party thing. What did you get from Costco? (Mango and Coconut)  As far as the laundry, we have someone do it for us.  It's like 200 peso's but she does it all and its really nice so we don't have to do our laundry!! 200 Peso's is like $4.50.

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