Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goats at church

HECK YA PACKERS!!!!!! That's what I'm talking about!!  'Bout freaking time they got their act together!! 
Thinking he is so cool!  He bought about 10 pair of sunglasses there.  I guess they were about $1 a pair.  Couldn't resist the great deal!
Christmas was awesome! I was glad I was able to talk to you guys!!  I couldn't believe that it was actually Christmas though.  It really didn't even feel like it here.  It was so different!! Haha   I am so jealous that you guys went to Colorado without me.  What a bunch of tools you guys are!  That sounds like a totally awesome fun thing to do and of course you would do it once i left.... losers... hahahaha

The goats!  The goats were at the church.  The missionaries had to chase them away!
Here it has been pretty good.  The mission achieved its goal of having 1350 baptisms for the year of 2013.  So everyone was way happy be cause that's a lot of people!  It's crazy to think that I'm going to be part of this next year for the whole year! That really makes me excited because I want to actually contribute to the baptisms!  I have just found out that my area is probably one of the hardest ones.  That didn't really surprise me because there really isn't too much stability in our area.  We're part of a branch in Moncada.  That's far away from where we are so we are still getting a lot of people to try and build a strong foundation!  This last Sunday (yesterday), we had the most people at our church that we have ever had!  That was so cool.  We had 4 investigators show up.  And we had 2 from the earlier session of the church that we went too!!   So in total we had 6 investigators come to church.  That was so cool!!!  2 of the grandmas that came had friends there.  I think that they really felt welcome and comforted.  So I hope they continue to come.  Then they will be able to be baptized on the 25 I think!  So that is a goal that we have!! 
This last week we got a couple of new investigators.  It was the first time that I have seen people cry while we were teaching!  I bore my testimony and it was amazing.  They really listened to what I had to say.  They said that it was so great!  I felt really amazing after that.  I was so happy!  So I hope that they will continue to investigate the church and that we can still teach them!  We have to get a lot of new investigators still because we always need more and more so that is always fun!  

This is pictures of his area.  There are a lot of fields like this one.  He said it's so pretty.  To see the green fields everywhere.  Not sure what is being grown, I better ask him!
The kids here are still crazy and always want to talk to me in English even though they don't say anything besides whats your name, and where are you going.... hahaha  So I'm practicing my Tagalog with them and they just act like "what the heck he knows what to say?!?!"  That's pretty cool!  So I'm learning a lot from the little kids which is really good to do.  I was glad that we have a lot of recent converts that are like 13 and 12 because they help me with the language.  I'm learning a lot from them also.  It's cool seeing how welcoming the people are here.  They just like buy us drinks and stuff and snacks.  Then we ask why and they just say that they like to help us.  So the family's of people are really nice to us!  And then the kids like 17 and 18 look at me like "what the heck is that American doing here?"  hahahaha  That is funny.   
I just found out today that things here don't have a copyright, so if I find a tailor, I can get like a jersey with all the Nike brand stuff and all the other stuff on it, and it wont be illegal.  So I hope I find something like that soon.  I'm gonna make a jersey that says Air Mormon instead of air jordan.  I thought that would be pretty funny.  I will keep my eye out for some cool stuff!!! 
Hanging out at church with other missionaries.

Mac and his companion.  They think they are so cool!  I am biased, so I agree that they are!
I miss you guys and will send more next week!  I love you and have a great new years eve!!  Keep on the gospel study, it always helps!! Love you guys!!
Elder Hedman

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