Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Asian Water Buffalo or Carabao

Dear Family,

OK, so first off ill address the Skype thing.  For Christmas, we are planning on going online here on Christmas day.  So it is going to be your guys Christmas eve.   9 o'clock in the morning here, so it will be 6 o'clock in the evening on Christmas eve.  Make sure that you guys are ready for that!!

Something I would recommend doing as a family is reading a scripture every night.   I don't care what Jessie and them say about it.  Make sure that you all do it together.  I promise you guys that it will help so much.  Everything will start to go better.  I would recommend either 2nd Nephi, chapter 9 or Alma 26 (both in the Book of Mormon).  Those have become some of my favorite ones.  Moroni, chapter 7; that one is also really good!!

OK, as for the eating and everything, don't worry, I am making sure that I brush my teeth.  I would have to say that I am quite attractive now because I am doing this stuff on a daily basis!  So I can't imagine what all the people here think of me! hahahaha

It's great here.  It's really hard but I know that the hard times are to help build us and to make us stronger.  Everything here is good! A story I would like to share is from Tuesday.  We had a referral of a guy and so we traveled quite a ways to go and see him.  He was so happy to hear from us!!  He had been baptized into the church 21 years ago.  When he moved, he lost the church and couldn't ever find it or anything.  Plus he couldn't travel due to money problems.  So he was so happy to hear our message.  I think Howard W. Hunter (president of the church from 1994-1995) was the president of the church last time he went.  He missed all of Gordan B Hinckley (president from 1995-2008)! That was the biggest shock to me!  He wants to try to come to church with his family.  Plus, he wants his daughter to get baptized!  They have to come 4 weeks in a row first though.  We are really trying to get them to come!  So that is a pretty cool story so far!!  I love seeing the smiles on their face when we share our message.  The work is so important but hard.  But it is also so rewarding!  I'm so glad for the way I was raised in the family! Thank you so much for that!!

So nice that his walls match his towels and the duct tape on his suitcase!

I got like 4 packages! 1 from Kimarie and 3 from you guys.  So I am getting them!  The other elders say that I must be really loved because they all arrived on 1 day.  They were all very jealous!   hahaha

Make sure that everyone is reading the scriptures and saying their prayers.  I know it will help so much!! Especially Jessie with school.  Make sure she does her best and that she stays on the right track.  I don't want her doing anything dumb while I'm gone!  So make sure she reads and prays every night.  If she doesn't, I'll fly home and beat her up.  Then I will come back to my mission!  But I hope everything is going good back home!  Don't worry about me, because basically I'm the best!!  So... as you can see, I'm still a humble servant of the lord! (; hahaha

Mac and the Carabao or Water Buffalo.  I asked if that animal is where he gets his milk from.  His reply, THERE IS NO FREAKING MILK HERE.  I'M MAD!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

I'm so glad to hear Keegan's (neighbor leaving for the Mexico City mission) talk went good.  Try and get his email address for me because I want to talk to him!  That would be so cool!!   See if you can get a list of all the missionaries in the ward.  I would love to email them all!   I talk to Austin and  Latu (other neighbors serving in Madrid Spain and Anchorage, Alaska missions) every week which is way sweet!!  This week Semisi (neighbor serving in Honolulu, Hawaii) emailed me.  I'm going to talk to him as well!   I want to hear from everyone else also!  Thanks that would be awesome if you could do that!
All different sun glasses in each picture.  Apparently, he had to take pictures with every pair to make sure he looks cool!

I miss you guys but remember the church is true and that you will be blessed if you continue to put the lord first.  I love you guys!! Miss you all!! STAY STRONG!!!!!!!! (: LOVE YOU! (:

Elder Hedman

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