Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Truly converted

So this week was a pretty uneventful week also!! Sorry, it might not be to long.  This next week will be kinda eventful.  It's the last week of my companion and then he goes home.  We also have interviews with president tomorrow.  I'm excited but we have to give an hour workshop, so that sucks.  More studying and planning... wohoo!!! hahaha (: 

The zone tshirt!

So first off, dad sent me a picture of Quinn playing basketball.  What the heck, he's not a midget anymore!  That's kinda crazy.  Everyone is looking so different.  I don't even recognize people in pictures anymore.... so whatever. (:   That's cool you got to eat Filipino food.  That's all I'm eating when I get back.  I'm not eating anything else, besides subway I guess. (: haha

So this week was a pretty good week.  We actually didn't have a baptism.  But the sisters in our branch did so we went and got pictures.  But this week we have 5 baptisms!  So that's pretty sweet!  I'm looking forward to that!!  I'll make sure and let you know how that goes!!  It's kinda cool because it's my companions last week and we have 5 baptisms.  That is going to be his record for a week.  That's 7 this month.  That's like amazing.  We have had amazing work here so that's going awesome!!  But we just can't seem to find new people.  Maybe when my new companion comes, the Lord will have prepared so many people for us.  So I'm looking forward to that!!  So this week, I've been working just on my Book of Mormon reading and just about the atonement still.  I'm still learning a lot.  I love listening to talks still.  I just learn and learn more and more so that's pretty fun!!!

I've learned to see why the lord loves children so much!!  So this week we were teaching a recent convert with her family and it was so cool!  We were just like messing around before the lesson and she went to grab something.  Her older sister grabbed like her journal thing and read to us what her new years resolution was.  She is 12 years old by the way and named Jasmine.  All her resolutions were about being more involved in the church, going to all the activities she can, reading the Book of Mormon every day and talking notes, and making her prayers better.  I was like woah- that is so awesome!!!!  I was just so impressed!!  It kinda made me feel like crap because when I was 12, I'm pretty sure my resolutions were like drink more soda, play more video games, and probably like learn how to talk to a girl.  So I was so impressed!!  It's so cool seeing the gospel work miracles in the lives of people.  I can't believe how much it has changed me and helped me through everything.  I don't feel like the same person.  I just feel better always and never worry about myself and just want to help others.  It's kinda a really cool feeling!! 

So I've just had some great testimony builders while I've been our here that's for sure!!  Every day I feel like I'm getting more and more converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ!!!  So that was basically my week!!   Sorry I don't really know what to say.  I always forget stuff that happens during the week!!! 

Just remember I love you guys!!  This week marks my 15 month mark out here in the Philippines.  Crazy stuff!!  But I'm loving it!!

I love you guys!!!

Elder Hedman

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