Wednesday, January 28, 2015

4 Baptisms This Week!

So ya 15 months now!! So crazy how fast the time has been going by!  I still don't feel that old here in the mission/  So that's going pretty crazy.  I'm actually like one of the oldest now.  A big batch just went home so that's crazy!!  All my older friends just went home, so I don't have any older friends really now!  Just a couple!  I have been getting some of your written letters.  Sorry I never say anything about it.  I don't have much time to write letters.  Super busy, but I'll try and get some started!  Sounds like the family is going really good.  That's awesome.  I love hearing about the family.  I miss them!!  Can't believe Quinn is actually growing up... that's weird!!  And Sydney is also! I'm excited to come back and spend some great time with you guys!!!

So as for here in the mission!!  My companion just went home! It's my first "kill" in the mission, so that's pretty awesome!!  It was great and he was a great guy!!  It's sad to see him leave!!  As for right now, the transfers don't happen until Thursday, so my companion is actually my companion from the MTC.  His companion also went home, so we are together.  He's freakin' awesome still.  So it's super fun.  We just laugh and talk about stuff from the mtc and have fun and teach hard!!  So that is really sweet!!  I've been loving that!!  So until Thursday, he will be my companion!!  I do know that I will be training a new companion as a zone leader.  So I'll train a new zone leader.  I think he's actually older then me in the mission so that will be fun!!  President just told me a little about it in our interview... so that was good!!!

The interviews went well with president.  It was fun.  He didn't have too many questions.  It's just different because it used to just be questions about me and my work and how i was doing.  This time it was all stuff about the zone and companionship's and what I've been noticing here in the zone.  So that was cool!!! A lot different!!  But it was good.  We also gave our workshop which was great.  We actually chose to do it about being accountable and accountability, which was really sweet.   I've learned so much stuff while I've been out here on the mission, so its crazy!!  I know I'll keep that principle forever now that I realize how important it is!  So that was basically all that happened this week for the interviews!!

So as for the baptism!!!  We actually only had 4!  It's kinda a funny story!  4 is still amazing of course.  But we got there and one of the people that was supposed to get baptized was at a party and lost track of time so she showed up late to the baptism after everything was over.  So 4 of them got baptized and we just moved the baptism up until this upcoming Saturday!!  So we will have another baptism this Saturday.  That's pretty sweet!!  So over all, I've had like 12 baptisms in 3 months and that is so awesome!!!  We are getting great work done here!!  Now we just have to do all this finding because like nothing good now is happening in our finding.  So that's fun!! hahaha  So I'm working on that!  Maybe it's just a trial of patience.  But I know as we continue to be obedient and work hard, we will find souls that the Lord has prepared for us to harvest.  So that is good!! (:

I'd love to hear how about things happening with cousins also and stuff in the ward with members and other stuff.   How is the old ward doing?  I miss the members there!!  But its crazy to think that I'm so far out in the mission!!  Thanks again for everything that you guys do!!  I love you guys and its a great time to be in the service of our savior!!  Remember he is the only way to salvation so we might as well turn our lives to him to be changed to become better!!  I love you all!!

Remember the atonement is real and it will be there every step of the way! (:
Elder Hedman

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