Tuesday, February 10, 2015

MLC Meeting

So dear Family and Friends!!

So this week has been a good week!! So first off I'll talk about our MLC meeting!  It was really good.  It was fun spending the day in the mission presidents home.  There are actually 6 people from my batch that are now zone leaders and 1 Sister training leader.  So that was awesome!!  We took some pictures so I'll send some home to you guys.  The zone is going okay.  We have had a lot of baptisms lately.  So what is going on now, is we are just doing a lot of finding right now.  So that was good.  We averaged as a zone 5 new investigators this week per companionship.  So that was really good!  We are having I think 5 baptisms in the zone next week.  But as for us as a companion ship, I think our next baptism will be in March.  I might not be here for that.

At our meeting, nothing really much changed.  We have to be more careful for who we are teaching and what is the purpose of our teaching them.  We are focusing a ton on preach my gospel which is perfect  because that has all the answers that we need here as a missionary.  So we are going to be focusing a lot of our finding and on finding more families to teach because that is what we really need right now as a mission.  We need to be having a bigger focus on finding more families and bringing them into the gospel.  So that is what me and my companion have been trying to do.  We are trying to find some good families.  So far we haven't found a family yet, but we are finding a lot of people who have been prepared to hear the gospel so that's really good!  So we just keep praying that we may be able to find a family that is prepared to hear the gospel and hear the message that it brings.

Sounds like a lot of stuff is changing in the ward back home.  Make sure you keep me updated there.  That would be cool to see what would happen because it has been like that for a long time if not forever!!  Haha So nothing else really happened this week.  We have exchanges with the other missionaries this next week so that should be interesting.  If you have like any specific questions, just let me know.  Remember the work is true and I love you guys!!  It's a great time to be a missionary and happy valentines day this week!!

Elder Hedman!

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