Tuesday, February 17, 2015

No picture week....sad mom

So dear family!!

This week has been a super crazy week!!!!  So I'll start off with the good stuff!  We have done a lot of finding this week and we managed to find 11 new investigators which was so amazing.  We are getting them to commit to baptism so that was a great thing!!  A new man that we found, his wife is a member, and he is just so nice and so willing.  He also came to church even though we just found him this week!!  His name is Brother Sansano. He has great potential and he works as a night guard at a hospital.  So his family is very important to him and he loves the idea of being able to be with his family forever!!  So keep him in your prayers!!  That would be so awesome!!  Also we taught some great lessons this week.  So nothing to new, just new finding and other fun stuff!!  This week though is zone conference so I'll let you guys know how that goes!!

So my valentines day was kinda lame.  I just ya know worked as a missionary but that was awesome!!  Haha Some members gave us some cadburry chocolate so that was super delicious and nice of them!!  But the best was I had a date with my pillow that night.  I slept so great so that was awesome.   Other then that not to much!!

No pictures, so this is one I found of a beach in the Philippines.
So this week there has been a lot of problems in the zone just as for the work wise and contention in companionship's.  So I was on the phone with the ap's (Assistants to the President) a bit and talking with president a lot about stuff.  I have been seeing and just hearing from other missionaries, so that was good we had to do some stuff to fix that.  Included there, we went on exchanges and I was with Elder S.  He is from St George.  He is a super nice guy and has a great desire to do be obedient exactly and just give his best!  So that was super fun.  I had to help him a bit because his companion doesn't wanna be obedient.  So I talked to him a little bit about stuff I saw and some things that might possibly help.  So that was good!!  We will have to keep an eye there.  But the zone did have 5 baptisms this last week.  So that was awesome.  Our branch had one and it was from the sisters, so we attended that!  Sorry I didn't take like any pictures this week so I'll send you some next week!!  (Sad mom here!)

Our companionship is doing good.  There;s small things here and there that bug me.  He just doesn't wanna lead like at all.  So I'm trying to adjust to that.  So that's hard.  But I emailed our president to see what would help. So I"ll let you know more about that next week!

I miss ya guys!!  Crazy to think that I'm like 7 and a half months away from being home.  That's so weird.  I still feel like I'm brand new out here.  So that's the crazy thing!  It was great getting emails from Sydney.  She is so funny.  I can't wait and go to baptisms at the temple with her when I get back!  It will be so fun!  Love you guys!! Also, we are supposed to apparently, according to Sydney, go on the cruise and Disney World and the Caribbean.  And not come back to the Philippines.  I think that would be cool!! (: a full family cruise I'm so down!! (: hahaha   Love you guys!! (;   A new car when I get home also just sounds awesome!   :p Remember the church is true and so is the Book of Mormon.  I'm reading it again.  I'm in Mosiah 17.  I'll give ya a week to week update to let ya know how much i read!!(;

Love Elder Hedman!! (:

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