Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Conference in the Philippines

Dear Family and friends!

This week has been a good week!!! So to start off the week, we first went to Tarlac last week.  Because we had our MLC with the mission president.   That was really good!!  We are starting to study a new topic for the next couple of months.   We are going to be studying how to experience real growth through the faith in Jesus Christ.  It was really interesting because he felt like after a big in depth study of atonement, we should be seeing changes in ourselves and changes in the way that we work.  But we are still struggling to get the performance that we goaled for.  So we are going to be struggling faith of how to bring those things that we have just studied into action!!  I thought it was really great and I think it will help me a lot here while I'm in the mission and even after the mission also!!

I learned a lot of great things about faith and what kind of things will just halt our faith and keep us from progressing in the way that the Lord has in plan for us.  So I'm looking forward to working on some of those things to just become a better more faithful missionary out here!  So that was probably one of the greatest things.  It was also really cool to see a lot of my friends.  A lot of my batch right now are also zone leaders, so that was cool.  It was basically almost a batch reunion just with some of the other guys not there!!  Haha So that was cool!!  Also it's crazy to think that the sisters in my batch go home next week.  This is their last week in the mission and then they are going home.  I feel like we just got here and already they are going back home.  The time has just flown by so fast.  It's so crazy!!!

Also another great and wonderful thing that happened was we were able to see conference!!!  Holy cow it was like the most incredible thing in the world.  I kinda wished they just would never stop talking because it was literally so amazing!!  I loved all the talks.  I loved when President Uchtdorf started speaking German on accident.  I almost died laughing from that.  That was hilarious. hahaha   I loved his talks also!  I liked Elder Ballards talk in priesthood session.  There was so much good stuff,  it's hard to remember it right off the top of my head.  But I took a lot of great notes and I loved it.  Just so you guys know, in case I didn't say it, I loved it.  I can't believe some people opposed though to the prophet but it just kinda looked like they knew it was going to happen and were so prepared.  We have the coolest church ever!  So I loved conference and it was great!!

We had 2 investigators at church who are on baptisms dates for May 16.  So keep them in your prayers please!!  John Patrick and Mervin.  They are doing really well and are following up well on their commitments.  So thank you for your guys prayers.  I know that it is working.  The spirit is so strong here and it is a great time to be a missionary.  Just like the general authorities said!!!!

Also by the way... GO DUKE!!!!!!!!!!  What a beautiful thing.  Just another testimony that I know the Lord answers prayers.  And he knows what team is the best... how great! (that is hard to write since I'm from Wisconsin!)

I can't believe Quinn is as tall as dad.  That means he's grown like a foot since I've been gone.  That's so weird.  Well, I'm looking forward to spending time with you guys in 6 months.  It'll be great!!   If I decide to come back I guess.... hahahaha love you guys!!!
Mahal ko kayo!!
Elder Hedman

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