Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Being banal

Dear Family and Friends,

Today we are heading to Tarlac, so I don't have to much time to email.  So I'll just let you know of some of the good things that happened this week.

First off, yes I know duke is the greatest team in the world and they are going to win!!!  Even though I love Wisconsin, Duke is going to beat them because Duke is my favorite.  And I've kept them in my prayers. hahahaha  So I'm super stoked to hear about march madness.  Who knows, maybe I'll try and bribe our mission president to show us the highlights from the finals.  Maybe I'll convince him, but probably not. 

So this week was a good week for the work!!  We have been teaching two guys, who's names are John and Mervin.  They are both progressing really well which is really awesome.  They both also have baptism goal dates for May 16.  But with the way they are progressing right now, it could actually be before that so please keep them in your prayers!!!  Also tomorrow is our MLC meeting, so I'll let you know how that goes.  Next week will probably be really fun like it has been in the past!!  So we will get fed really good and will be in the mission presidents house all day tomorrow!! 

Then also, this last Friday, we had interviews with the mission president and his wife.  It was really good and everything went really good!!  We had to give a small work shop as the zone leaders, but it wasn't too bad.  We did a really good job.  So that was really good! (:  I talked to him about some stuff I was just wondering about and he gave me some good advice.  So that was good!!  Sister Clark is worried about my health.  I told her I started exorcizing again..  By the way I'm looking good.  People tell me and I'm losing all my fat again.  But I told her how much water I drink and how much Coke I drink.  She was like -  Elder Hedman - you need to drink more water and less coke!!  So maybe I'll try that but who knows.  I think I'm addicted now.  I drink like 2 liters a day of coke.  It's probably not good for me at all, but it feels good. haha  So that was something you guys might be interested in!!! 
He saw this at a members home.  I think it is pet food for the pigs but the picture is nasty!

Also keep a recent convert of ours in your prayers.  She has just made some bad choices ever since being baptized.  And it's not going well.  So if you could keep Laibon in your prayers that would be great!!  We are working with her and trying to help her see the harm in the things that she is doing.  And how it can really affect her life if she continues to do this!!  So that's always fun.  It's hard seeing people who made good decisions change around and start making bad decisions.  It's really frustrating at times.  But we will do our best!!!  So thank you guys for your prayers they really are great!!! 

Oh by the way, I only have 6 months left.  Woah - I'm 75 Percent done with my mission.  I can't believe how fast it has gone by.  I can't believe how much has changed just with me and with the family looking at the pictures.  Quinn doesn't look 4ft 10 anymore.  He looks like 5 ft 7 or something like that.  What the heck happened there..... goodness!!!!   Hope all is going well with you guys!!  Don't worry about me.  I'm still alive and I'm doing great here!!!  Love you guys and keep up being banal and being a good example to other people!!

Love Elder Hedman

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