Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mahal ko kayo

So Dear Family!!! And Friends!

So first off go DUKE!  I just know the church is true because my prayers are being answered and duke is going to win.  There we go, another reason why we know the church is true.... just thought you should all know that... (:  So this week has been a pretty good week!! 

We have been having a pretty good time in our lessons and me and my companion are still getting along great.  So that's awesome!!  We just taught really well this week and taught quite a bit of investigators and we even found a new investigator which was awesome!!  He was actually a referral from the guy that just got baptized on Saturday.  It was awesome he even came to the baptism of his friend and he accepted a Baptism goal date right away for May 16.  So that's really awesome.  He also ended up coming to church with 2 of his friends so that was great.  We got basically 3 people at church that were investigators because of it!!  We are still trying to focus on finding a good family though.  We really want to get a family baptized.  That would be so awesome.  So we are still doing some great finding.  It's good we are getting some decent results but some just don't want to hear when we come back for the 2nd or 3rd time.  So that sucks.  But it's just missionary work I guess.  Haha.

So the baptisms did happen this week.  I did take some pictures.  So I will send them to you!!  And actually I thought the coolest part was one of our recent converts who was baptized back in January actually baptized them.  So that was really sweet!!!  He is actually probably going to serve a mission in a couple of years so that is really sweet!!  I'm excited for him!  But ya the baptisms went through great and we got a decent turn out.  Everything here is just kinda annoying... its called Filipino time.  We said the service was supposed to start at 1:30 so we were there at 1:00 to get everything ready.  The next person didn't show up till 2:05 and then the candidates showed up.  So ya not to bad, just like 45 minutes late... to a baptism... but whatever.  Can't really do anything about it.  haha.  So that is just the most annoying thing in the world.  But on the bright side the baptisms did happen!! 

Something else that was kinda funny happened this week.  So the kids here are the cutest kids like in the world.  And they just love tall people and white people.  It's funny.  So we were teaching a recent convert family and then the kids came up to us.  And a little girl named Marsha, she's 7 years old, came up and just gave me a kiss.  So that was kinda funny.  All the other kids laughed at her.  It was kinda cute and funny!!  So that was something really random that happened this week.  But funny!!!

So another thing that kinda really bugged my companion was interesting.  So there is this religion here and it's literally like retarded. They are so weird and no one likes them at all because they completely teach false doctrine and basically go against everything.  They make you pay to go to church and if your rich you get a high calling.  It's just weird.  They are called Iglesia Ni Cristo and the members are dumb as heck... it's funny!  But they literally don't believe that Jesus Christ is a god.  They believe he is a normal person and just basically was given power to do all that stuff.  So my companion is like huge and huge on Jesus Christ and loves his life.   So he was mad and we almost got into a bible bash about it.  But then I just started talking and we calmed it down and just invited them to pray to know if Jesus is truly a god.  So that was funny and really interesting.  Gotta love being a missionary and having funny experiences!!!

So that was basically my week.  Sorry I think more happened but I don't remember.   I got a lot of reports to do. haha   Oh well, just remember the church is true and duke is going to win march madness.  Missionary work is so important!!!  I love you guys!!!

Mahal ko kayo.... pero kung lalaki ka, di naman ako bakla..... Ingat kayo!

Elder Hedman

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