Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Manila and the Temple

Dear Family and Friends!!!

So this week has been like the craziest busiest and trunkiest week ever... in a good and weird way!!!  First off, sounds like everything back home is going well!!  I can't believe Quinn sprained his wrist also playing football.  That's funny.  Hopefully everything will be okay.  I'm looking forward to going back and playing with him!! (:  Sounds like whatever vacation we do it will be fun!! I would love to come back here but I don't know.   hahaha   It would be so fun but family vacation sounds better!!

Well this week first off, we had a meeting with the mission president and all the other zone leaders in the mission.  So that was fun because we got to discuss things for the mission and what really needs to change and other things that would help us in our teaching and how to become better missionaries.  So that was really great!!  That was all in the house of the mission president which is a really nice house.  So that was really fun!!  Also a lot of my batch are still zone leaders so it was cool getting to see them all again!  So that was basically Tuesday and Wednesday!!  Then on Thursday we actually got to work like a normal day!! And then near the end of the day, I got a call from the assistants telling me I was going down to Manila on Saturday to get some finger printing down with some of the other missionaries!!  So that was kinda exciting getting that call!!!!  So then on Friday,  I had to prepare to get ready to get my stuff, because we were going to sleep in Tarlac (where the mission president's live) on Friday night so Saturday morning we could go straight to Manila!! So that killed the work for Friday.  We didn't get to work because in the morning, me and my companion had to have zone training and we trained the other missionaries on things that happened in the meeting with president!!!  Then after that me and some other missionaries from the zone headed down to Tarlac!!! It was super fun though because our whole entire batch was there and we all got to see each other so it was basically like a zone reunion!!!!

Elder Hedman and President Clark

Then on Saturday we headed down to manilla to have our fingerprinting!!  It was super fun because we headed back to the MTC to have our finger printing done!!  It was so weird being back at that place, it brought back so many memories!!  It was cool though because we got to see the temple!!  It was closed so we didn't get to go in but we got to see it and I took some pictures!!  I took a lot of pictures this week.... haha your welcome.... but it was so fun!!!

Another way cool thing that happened was there were other missions there also getting finger printing and I  saw people that I knew that were in other missions!!!  I saw a couple people from school!!!!  I saw Koa Wilson, he's in the Manila mission.  We played basketball against each other all the time!!  I Saw Mckay Jenkins, we were pretty good friends in middle school!!  But he's also here in the Philippines!  And then I  saw Weston Rindslisbacher, or however you spell his last name.  We played football all growing up on Brian Gepharts team!!  And he played basketball at Riverton, so when I'd play with James, we always played together!!  So that was super cool.  I got to see a lot of people that I knew!!

So that was basically the week.  Just traveling after traveling.  I think I spent about 28 or 30 hours of the week literally on vehicles traveling.  So that was no fun!!  But we still managed to have 2 investigators at church even though we got 2 days to work.  So that was good!!!   My companion and I get along okay.  I'll probably be killing him next transfer.  Oh this week is transfer week.  But I"m 99% sure I"m not transferring because president told me I was probably be finishing his mission for him.  So I'll be here a while!!   But it's fine.  It's a good area and I'm super close with the members and it's so fun here!!  We should be having 2 baptisms coming up in the coming weeks!!  So that will be good!!  Remember that I love you guys!  Keep up the great work in all your doing!!!

Elder Hedman

This could have been one reason for the excitement to go to Manila...Burger King and Dairy Queen!

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