Tuesday, March 24, 2015

SD card got a virus-sad

**his SD card got a virus and he lost his pictures from this week.  Luckily most of the others he has sent to me.  I've saved everything he has sent our way.  But that means no pictures.  

Dear Family and Friends!!!

So first off, March Madness!!! That's so awesome that Utah is doing good!!  I didn't even know they had a good team actually now.... it's okay we all know duke is going to win!  They are the best... so that's awesome!!  I heard BYU blew their game to make it in... funny, not really surprising though!! Hahaha

So this week for the work it was a little different!!  On Friday, my companion went to Manila to get finger printing, so I worked with the elders in our house, our kabahay's so that was fun!!   They are Elder Van Tassell and Elder De Leon.  Elder De Leon was in my first district in the mission, so it's fun seeing him again.  And Elder Van Tassell is from Maple Mountain.  He's a way tight elder also... haha.  So that was fun.  We got some really great work done even though we were basically running all over the place!!!  We were able to teach our 2 really progressing investigators here and that was really good.  We got the rest of the lessons finished off which was really good!!  They both are just continuing their desire to be in the church and it's such a great blessing!!!!

So then this week also, we had their 2 interviews and it was so cool!!  They both passed.  So this Saturday we will be having 2 baptisms!!  That's really exciting.  It's been about 2 months almost since I've had a baptism so I miss seeing the service.  So I'm really excited for that!!  So I'll let you know how those 2 go! Fun stuff!!  Also we saw the mission president a ton this week.  It was kinda funny.  He had to keep coming up here for meetings, so we just happened to run into him all the time.  So that was funny!  And he also spoke at our district conference!!  He gave a really good talk about being obedient and following the commandments and tithing so it was really great!!!
Then also Elder Mame?  I don't know how to spell his last name but he spoke as well.   It was really good and it was in Tagalog so that way all the people could understand it!!!   That's one thing that I don't really get here.  If you're a wealthier person, you tend to be better in English.  So when people come to speak, they always do it in English.  But most of the people here don't understand it very much at all.  So the talks basically don't help some of the people.  Oh well, I can't really fix that.  Just funny stuff happening.  But the talk was really good.  And it helped the people see a different view I think of the commandments and the importance of really being a disciple of Jesus Christ.   So he did a great job and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens after all of that!!!  So this week was a good week for the work!! 

The zone here is doing pretty good.   We have had some problems lately come up but nothing to big.  Just like attitude things and weird rumors and stuff.  But that's fine.  It's still fun helping others and being a zone leader.   Gotta love being a missionary!!! 

So that was basically my week!  Hope everything is going good for you guys!!  Remember the church is true and to always read the Book of Mormon!!  Love you guys!! 

Love Elder Hedman

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