Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Church is great!

So first off, wow!! That's so cool that Jessie went to church again!!!  Kinda funny story about that!!  So I was at church yesterday.... and one of the members is kinda wealthy.  So he has a super nice phone.  He gets on facebook and he's like whats your sisters name so I told him and he added her. haha  Then Jessie was at work and online!  So they talked.  And he called her.  I was like oh what the heck!!  So I ran off so I  wouldn't hear anything.  ( hahahaha cause I'm trying to be obedient of course)  So apparently they talked and I told him to tell Jessie to go to church!!  So that's flipping awesome!! Hahahahaha 

Sorry I don't really have much to say this week.... it was a great week though!  We had 253 people at church this week so that was awesome!!  Right now we are averaging 250 so thats really good!! (:  We are going to be having 2 baptisms on the 28th!!  And I'm super excited for that!!  And ya actually it was transfer week, but nothing at all happened to us.  I knew nothing was since president told me.  But it was good!!  We have like 14 filipino's in our zone right now which is a lot!!  So there aren't very many foreigners.  I'm still the zone leader here and it's fun!!  But wow the work is actually going really good!!  We goaled for 14 baptisms this month as a zone.  And holy cow... like every back up we could have happened is also going through so we might actually achieve something like 23!  And that's like crazy.  That's probably the best in our mission or maybe even in the Philippines for how small the zone is, only 10 companionship's.  So that's 2 baptisms per companionship in a month and it's so crazy!! So that is going great!!!

This upcoming week we have district conference so that will be fun!!  Someone from the 70 is coming to our church to speak to us so that will be fun!!  Then I also think the mission president will be here so that will be awesome!! (:  Can't believe how fast the time is going by.  I'm like 17 months now almost I think!!  Don't worry, I will work hard till the very end!!  I won't get trunky.... it's crazy!!  I can't believe I'm like an old missionary now... it's so fun!!  Missionary work is great!!  Haha maybe I'll just stay here.. and then I won't come home... (: that would be fun!! I like it here... haha 

So that basically was this week.  Nothing really happened!!  But I'll let you know what happens this upcoming week!!  It's a great time to be a missionary!!   Remember the church is true and to try and help the missionaries over there!!  Remember I love you guys!!
Love Elder Hedman!

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