Tuesday, April 28, 2015

National Day of Service

Dear Family and Friends,

Sorry this letter isn't going to be very long... I'm kinda getting lazy.   hahaha  But here is the answer to your guys questions.  So first the mother's day call will probably be Monday here so actual mother's day there... (: Tell Quinn again that I say happy birthday!!  I can't believe how old he is... what is happening with you all!!! It's so crazy!  I don't like recognize anyone in our family.   I saw the pictures you sent and I was like who are those people. Then I was like oh wait that's my family.... goodness!!  It's so different now!!  Glad to hear everyone is doing good back home! 

So this last week has been a good week!!  It was transfer week!! AND.....Yes I'm still in the same area. So I'll be hitting 7 months here also.  Fun stuff!  I have like 5 months left and I'm still in my 3rd area.  That's gotta be some kinda record. But hey, I love the area and it's super cool!!  I'll send ya some pictures also!  But my new companion is someone from my batch!!!  He is so legit and so awesome!!!!!!  His name is Elder Surio.  He's from Manila and he is so awesome.  He loves basketball so we literally get along so well and he's so fun!!!  I love our time together.  He is such a great teacher and one of the highest baptizers in our mission right now, so we are having great work together!!!  The 2 baptisms are still scheduled for May 16.   We actually might have another one maybe May 23 or May 30.  We have another investigator progressing super well right now and her name is Sister Malou.  She's a mother and we just got the husband to sit in also on the lesson so that is going super awesome!!!!  So the work here is going really great.  I'm loving being a missionary!!!

This last Saturday we also had a day of service.  It was national day of service here in the Philippines and so that was super fun!!  We were with some of the other missionaries and we painted a school and like cleaned it all up!!  I took a lot of pictures there so I'll send them to you guys so you can see them!!  But it was so fun.  The branch we are in is so funny and just know how to have a good time!!  So that was super fun and I  think we got some referrals from it also so that was super awesome!!  So that was basically our week it was good!!  Sorry I've like lost my mind and don't know what to write. hahaa  But I hope that was good enough! The work is going really great and we are working with our zone and helping them also get ready for the upcoming months.  We are looking at 23 baptisms in our zone for May and also 23 for June!! So we are keeping up our consistent work!!  Gotta love being a missionary!!  I love you guys!!!

Ingat kayo!! Mahal ko kayo!! (:

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