Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Dear family and friends!!

Sorry I don't have much time again today, we are down in Cabanatuan because tomorrow is our meeting with president.  I'm looking forward to that!!  So ya I'm still a zone leader.... its been a while now.  But hey, I gotta do what I gotta do!!  So ya nothing happened there!  My companion is like the most amazing guy ever.  He is so cool and we get along so great.  We just talk about basketball all the time and then talk about more basketball!!  It's so funny.  He is also such a great teacher!!  And don't you even worry about me being trunky... I'm still sanctified.  We actually have 3 baptisms probably this month and then 3 more in June.... it's called sanctification. hahaha  Just kidding!  But really we are doing really well here in the mission!! 

The mission is going great and we are having really good work in this area.  We actually got 8 new investigators this week and 6 of them accepted to be baptized on the first visit.  So that was really great!!  We are really working hard and just doing the best we can.  We are seeing miracles.  Really it's so amazing!! The Lord is really in this work!!  This week also I've been working harder in the Book of Mormon.  I'm in Helaman chapter 4 right now.  The wars are like the most legit thing ever they are so cool and funny!!  And I  learn so much from them about leadership characteristics and how to become a better missionary from it!! So I'm really enjoying that!!!

Sorry this letter is short not really much happened and we are pushing for time today in our emails so we can get a lot of stuff done!!  And we have to get ready to travel also!!  So I hope that you guys have a great week and keep our investigators in your prayers!!  Especially.... John Patrick, Marvin, Malau, and Arjie, they are doing so well and progressing towards baptisms!! So thank you for the prayers and I will continue to work hard!
Remember the Church is true!!
Elder Hedman

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