Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day!!!

It was mother's day which means.....Skype call!!  It was so great to see and hear from him.  Plus the connection was really good so we had a great chat!

He loves the people of the Philippines and doesn't want to come home.  I told him he better come home or I'll come and get him!  We talked about his room mates (there are 4 living in the apartment) and the fun they have.  It's 2 American's and 2 Filipino's living there.  But the one American is actually serving in the Philippines while waiting for his visa for a mission in India.  So he doesn't speak the language or anything.  I guess they all tease him and speak Tagalog.  Naughty boys!!

We talked about his work as a zone leader.  He says he likes it but thinks people are funny, like goofy/silly funny.  I guess some missionaries called him and couldn't get their water working.  He gave him all these things to try and get it to work.  They kept saying they tried everything and it wouldn't work.  He said try this one thing again, and they came back, kind of embarrassed, and said it's working now.  I told him that was the story of my life!  We've all been there! 

I sure miss this kid of mine.  He is doing such fantastic work.  However, knowing that he is loving the work, the people and the gospel makes it all worth while.  We love you Mac!!

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