Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Still Masipag

Dear Family and friends!!!

So this week has been a pretty good week for the work here in our area!!  So to start off, we did have our 2 baptisms this week!!  That was so awesome and it was a great experience for them!!  I got some pictures and I'll probably send them to you guys either this week or next week so you can see.  But they did get baptized so that was really good!!!  We also are still having some great work in our area and are getting another person ready for baptism on the 30th of may!!  So that is good news also!!!  So we might have 3 baptisms this May and then right now we have 4 planned for June so that is going really well!!  We are trying to have a model area in our area and I would say we are doing a pretty good job so far!  So that has been the good news for the work here in our area!!!

Um our roommates are pretty cool!!  One is named elder De Leon.  We were actually in the same district when I first got into the mission.  He trained someone from my batch, so I really know him well and he is an awesome guy!!  And his companion is elder Wigington.  He actually is from the India mission and is waiting for his visa to get back!  So that is pretty interesting.  He doesn't know any Tagalog like at all.   So its kinda funny... we just sometimes speak Tagalog and then he has no idea whats going on.  Then I try and translate it into English and gosh it's hard... it's just so different and such a different culture!!! 

So as for me, I'm doing pretty good.  I have no idea why, but like on Tuesday I got this nasty infection on my face.  And I literally look so gross so I took like no pictures.  It's starting to get better and it's clearing up but its probably gonna be like 3 more days before that happens.  So I'm sorry for little pictures.  I feel so gross looking. hahaha   It's probably because of the heat here.  It's been so hot lately.  It's been crazy and just so annoying!!  But that's okay.  I guess it's just part of missionary work.

So another crazy thing happened in our mission.  A sister in our mission, I didn't really know her at all, she passed away this last Thursday night.  Her name was sister Victorino.  So keep her family in your prayers. She got a sudden sick illness and they couldn't get it to go away.  It shut down some vital organs in her system. So keep her in your prayers.  I didn't know her very well at all.   I'd seen her like once but I felt really bad.  There is a service for her later today.  Only some people are going.  But it was just a sad time in our mission.  But through it all, we are supposed to look on the bright side and just think of the beauty of the atonement and the knowledge we have of the fullness of the plan of our father in heaven.  So that has been comforting to the missionaries here.  Our mission president is doing such a great job and he is just literally the man... he's so incredible. 

So those were the highlights of the week!!  I can't believe how fast the time is going by.  I have like 4 and a half months left almost.  It's so crazy!!  Don't worry, I'm still masipag and that wont change... (: So remember the church is true!!  Oh by the way, I'm almost done with the book of Mormon again.  I'm in 3rd Nephi chapter 20.  I'm hoping to finish this week.  So let's see how that goes!!  I hope you guys have a great week!! Don't worry about me I'm doing all good and am still working hard!! 

Love you guys!!

Mahal ko kayo!!(:

Elder Hedman

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