Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Baptism and fun

So this last week was a good week!! I'll start off by talking about the baptism that happened!!! We didn't do it in the ocean, but that's okay it was good!! He was so excited to be baptized even though he was only like a little kid.  He just really wanted to be baptized.  He has great family support so that was good!!!  

This last week we have been focusing on that Carbonel family still.  I don't know if they will get baptized in this month or not.  But they have great potential.  Keep them in your prayers and that would be great!!  

We are really making sure that our investigators try to actually understand what we are teaching cause the Filipinos are too nice sometime and just say yes to whatever we ask them or anything.  So they just don't understand sometimes.  So it's frustrating but it's good cause I actually have patience now! I know crazy right? Hahaha  But ya the meetings this week were good!! I did get to eat McDonald's which was like the greatest thing ever.  I loved it and was so happy!! 

So the meeting itself was great, I learned quite a bit even though I've had the meeting before.  I learned about how just really aligning your self with god and really miracles will happen!!  So that was so awesome.  Just make sure you read your scriptures greatest thing ever!!  I love it for sure!  Oh thanks for the happy birthday by the way!!  Crazy I'm like 19 years old now.  Woah that goes by so fast... I'm so old..... So for the p day thing we did we went to that great big waterfall again.  It was okay.  We got to go closer to the falls cause the water wasn't as high. But nothing to exciting.  Transfers is this week but no one is gonna be transferring.  I'm 99.99% sure because I'm training... so that's nothing to exciting, but who knows.... haha  Well nothing to extreme this week!!  Just my birthday upcoming and then more missionary work!!  I love you guys!!  Make good choices and remember that the gospel is true!!  Love you all!! (:

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