Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Birthday Boy

Yo Family and friends!

Is it me, or does he look like a giant in this picture?
So first off, thanks for all the birthday wishes.  Just normal missionary work.  Really nothing to exciting for my birthday.  haha A member gave me a pretty cool pair of shorts which was cool! Hahaha Then we have an elderly couple serving out here and they brought me a red velvet cupcake.  It was amazing cause it was Americanized and not made with rice! Hahaha  So that was super delicious!!!!  But other then that, not really much happened this week on my birthday.  I don't freaking understand the Filipino culture here.  When it is your birthday, you are supposed to buy stuff for everyone else and treat everyone to really good food.  I was like what the freak is that crap.  That's like the complete opposite of birthdays in America where everyone brings you really good stuff and buys you stuff.  So I said no to that. I wasn't going to do that.  haha  But I did buy some stuff and we made spaghetti, which is like a heavenly food here.  So that was pretty much my birthday.  It was fun but didn't really feel like my birthday at all. I can't believe I'm 19 years old now.  Woah I'm getting so old!! 
This is a REAL Kevin!  This isn't the one we sent to him!  I didn't realize this at first!

So first I'll answer your questions.  We have someone doing our laundry.  So I'm lucky there! It's nice not having to do it at all cause there are no machines at all.  Everything here is just done by hand.  Like literally nothing is machine operated at all.  So it's definitely weird but cool at the same time!! 
We are going down to Cabanatuan later today because tomorrow we have our last conference with President Martino.  I'm really gonna miss him.  He is definitely like the most amazing man ever.  When he speaks, I swear Jesus Christ is talking to you. He is so sanctified.  I have theories about visions he has had, but I won't get into that.   hahaha  But this is going to be a crazy week cause the new president is coming in and everything is gonna be changing.  Well, maybe, I have no idea!! 
Those are the shorts a member gave him for his birthday.

This last week we got some people on baptism dates.  If you could pray for a girl named Maylene, that would be great!  She is progressing so well and knows that this church is true.  But it's hard cause she is always gone for school.  She is supposed to be getting baptized on the 5th of July!  So keep her in your prayers!!  That would be great!  Also keep that family in your prayers.  The mom keeps coming to church, but the kids are just makulit and wont listen and come!!  Even though they live the gospel, they just don't come to church!!!  I haven't gotten your package yet so I guess you don't love me but thats ok. :p Hahaha  Just kidding!  Just remember the church is true and you guys make good choices and also congrats on the diet and losing weight! Love you guys!!

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