Tuesday, July 1, 2014

McDonalds and Meetings

Yo family, this last week has been a good week! Sounds like you guys are having a blast back in America so that's freaking lucky! Here it's just crazy as it could ever be!!! 

This last week we had our last conference with President Martino.  It was so great.  He said just the things that I needed to hear to just be an even better missionary!  It was so amazing.  He talked about families a lot because the presidency wanted him too.  That kinda made me miss home. But ya no biggy :p Hahaha  That was the trunky talk, or the one that makes you think of home.  Then the really good talk was about the apostle Peter and his ministry.  Just about him and Christ and the relationship that they had.  It was super good!!  I have loved studying the scriptures so much.  It's the greatest thing ever!!  So always remember to do your guys scripture reading!!!

For this P day, we're not doing anything at all.  Which is good.  I need to relax.  But what is crazy is my companion got his visa and is probably going to his mission now in Australia sometime soon.  So I don't know what is going to happen to me!?!  But that's okay as long as I keep working, things will go great!!  Also remember to pray for this girl named Maylene.  She is getting baptized on the 12th of July.  I just don't want anything to go wrong.  So keep her in your prayers.  That would be great!!

Tagalog is just coming along great! I understand it all now and can't speak English.  So it's weird.  But that's whatever!  haahaha  I'll just talk to uncle Tim when I get home!  :p  So not to much going on.   We just got a new mission president.  But I don't know who he is yet. haha  We are supposed to have a big conference on Thursday I think again.  So I'll be traveling again for 5 hours.  But I will get to meet the new mission president so that will be pretty cool!!!  Remember the church is true and always make sure to study the gospel!!  Love you guys!!(: 

Elder Hedman

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